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New law aims to increase driver visibility

ODOT Teams Up with the State Highway Patrol to Promote Safety

In conjunction with its Ice and Snow, Take it Slow message, ODOT works with the State Highway Patrol to help educate motorists about safe driving techniques and new laws that impact driver safety.

If you flick your windshield wipers on, be sure you have some type of lights illuminating the front of your vehicle, too.

It's now the law.

"Not only is it the law, but with the inclement weather we receive this time of year it is a great reminder for motorists on how to increase safety and visibility while behind the wheel," stated Lieutenant Mary A. Pfeifer of the Washington County State Highway Patrol.

The new Ohio law requires motorists to turn on their headlights whenever the weather is bad enough to use their windshield wipers. Daytime lights that automatically turn on when the vehicle is running will fulfill that requirement.

"Driver safety is ODOT’s number one priority," explained Larry Woodford, District Deputy Director. "This new law will increase driver visibility and potentially reduce the number of winter related crashes."

The first snow storm usually seems to be the worst because many motorists don’t remember the winter driving skills they developed last year. Being a careful and informed driver is the best way motorists can travel safely. ODOT's best advice: in Ice and Snow... Take it Slow.

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