Paving of U.S. Route 50 is ‘Priority One’
 Project to improve McArthur to Albany section
VINTON COUNTY (Thursday, February 13, 2014) – This year’s harsh winter has done more than just challenge our snowplow drivers, it’s also been tough on our pavement, especially on U.S. Route 50 between Albany and McArthur. Due to the declining condition of the road, ODOT District 10 will perform a full depth pavement repair of this section as soon as the asphalt plants open in early April.
“Paving US 50 is priority one,” said District 10 Deputy Director T. Steve Williams. “Although the paving project was originally scheduled for July of this construction season, we escalated the project to address the needs of our customers.”
Until the paving project begins in April, Vinton County highway crews will continue to implement short-term pothole repairs using a winter asphalt mix. This cold weather mix is more pliable, flexible and able to contract and expand during frigid temperatures. In the last two weeks crews have already used 20 tons of “cold mix” and have recently acquired another 30 tons to get through the winter.    
During winter, the natural freeze-thaw cycle reduces the performance of pavement by causing potholes and other weakening of the pavement. Some sections along the Albany to McArthur segment of US 50 see more than 12,000 vehicles per day. Unfortunately vehicles traveling the roadway can cause more damage, especially heavier trucks and tractor trailers.
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