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Snow Will be Coming Soon... and ODOT District 10 Will be Ready!

Marietta (October 28) - After a grueling week of implementing its Operational Readiness Program, ODOT District 10 is ready for snow! From October 19 through October 23, District 10 sent three mechanic crews to inspect, test, and insure its nine counties were prepared for this year’s snow and ice.

District 10 has created a Snow and Ice website designed to educate the public about our Operational Readiness Program and safety tips for winter driving. The website features a video which shows District 10 implementing its 2009 Operational Readiness Program. The website is

In the coming winter months, visitors to the Snow and Ice website can expect to see updated videos and statistics from the 2009/2010 winter season.

Ice and Snow… Take It Slow

The first snow storm of the season always seems to be the worst for drivers. Motorists forget the winter driving skills they developed from last year.

ODOT encourages drivers to remove as much snow from their vehicles as possible - especially from their windows, lights, side mirrors, and signals - to increase visibility. When driving near a snowplow remember they drive much slower than posted speeds and make frequent stops and turns. If you must pass a snowplow, make sure your lights are on, take extreme caution, and beware of the snow cloud.

Our website is one of the most visited state Internet sites, especially during the winter months. features an interactive map with up-to-date road conditions including snow and ice, construction projects, closures and restrictions.

Winter Readiness Facts

  • To date, District 10 has over 40,000 tons of salt, 20,000 tons of grit, and 37,000 gallons of calcium chloride, ready to be dispensed on 4,000 lane miles of highway and bridges
  • By implementing our Smart Salt Strategy, District 10 used 47% less salt from 2007 to 2008 winter season
  • District 10 has 130 snowplows, loaders, and road graders ready to remove snow and ice