2016 District 11 Paint A Plow Program


District 11 would like to invite schools or non-profit organizations to participate in our “Paint-A-Plow” Program. We believe this is an amazing opportunity to promote public safety, increase awareness for ODOT Snow and Ice Operations, and display the creative talent of our local artists.
The school/organization may use its own judgment on the design, materials used, and selection of students. The paintings must be tasteful and contain no partisan or political messages. All materials and supplies for painting of the plow must be furnished by the school/organization. The plow will remain the property of the Ohio Department of Transportation.
This year’s themes are: Heroes and #Hashtags. We are asking schools to use one of the two themes:
1.       “Heroes” can be anything from superheroes to personal heroes – anyone you would consider to be a hero.
2.       The #Hashtags would be any one of a number of our ODOT #hashtags: #ODOTready, #ODOTsafe, #ODOTwinter, #MoveOver, #ODOTworks, #ODOTstory, #DontCrowdthePlow, #ClickItOrTicket, #SlowDown, #DistractedDriver, #WorkZoneAwareness.
If your school/organization wishes to participate in this program, please complete the attached application of interest and return it to the address/email provided. The deadline to submit applications is August 31st, 2016. Once notified of your interest to participate, ODOT county personnel will make arrangements with you to deliver the plows. We anticipate schools/organizations having the plows until approximately September 23rd.  ODOT will then pick up the completed plows. Delivery and pick up of the plows will be coordinated through the local county ODOT facility – contact info is below.
Each painted plow will be featured on the Ohio Department of Transportation Eastern Ohio District 11 Facebook page and displayed at ODOT District 11’s Winter Readiness Events with the local media in October as well as at various local events. 
We are excited to begin our 3rd year of the “Paint-A-Plow” Program and look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please contact me at 330-308-3906 or by email at Amanda.Phillips@dot.ohio.gov.
ODOT District 11 County Contact Information​ ​
Belmont County ODOT Garage
Phone: 740.782.1641
Carroll County ODOT Garage
Phone: 330.627.4660
Columbiana County ODOT Garage
Phone: 330.424.7253
Harrison County ODOT Garage
Phone: 740.942.3274
Holmes County ODOT Garage
Phone: 330.674.1906
Jefferson County ODOT Garage
Phone: 740.765.4609
Tuscarawas County ODOT Garage
Phone: 330.339.5050