Attention I-90 Motorists:  As we prepare to complete the new westbound Innerbelt Bridge and open it to traffic this fall, a series of traffic changes will take place.  These are all part of ODOT’s “Alternate Route Plan” to add a lane to I-490 and I-77 to handle the influx of traffic while all traffic is on the first new bridge.  You’ve seen these changes before as these were also implemented in the summer of 2011. 
In early October, I-90 east over the Innerbelt Bridge, will be reduced to two thru-lanes.  Crews have already opened additional lanes on I-490 east and I-77 north, but an additional lane will open on the ramp from I-77 north to I-90 east to handle the influx of traffic.  Also as part of this plan: 
·        For Inbound I-90 East Motorists who Use E 22nd & Carnegie:
Motorists who travel from the west via I-90 east will need to use I-490 east to I-77 north to reach MidTown destinations via E 22nd St and Carnegie.
·        For Inbound Jennings Freeway North Motorists who use the Innerbelt Bridge:
Motorists who travel inbound on SR 176 (the Jennings Freeway) north will need to use I-490 east to I-77 north to access I-90 east and downtown locations. 
·        For I-71 North Motorists who use the Innerbelt Bridge:
I-71 north will be restricted to one lane north of SR 176.  The ramp from I-71/SR 176 has already been widened to allow for an extra lane of traffic to I-90 west or I-490 east.
Using alternate forms of transportation and riding RTA are suggested to avoid congestion.  Through it all, motorists are advised to "Opt for the Alternate!" and use I-490 and I-77 where an extra lane has been added and access to all downtown Cleveland exits will be maintained.  Please contact us at, or call the project hotline at 216.344.0069 with any questions or concerns.
Please exercise caution in work zones. For statewide construction information visit:  Motorists are encouraged to ride RTA or carpool through OhioRideshare during these restrictions.  To unsubscribe from this group, please reply with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.  For more information, log-on to or dial the Project Hotline at 216.344.0069.