ODOT Applies for Federal Funds to Move Innerbelt Project Forward
State seeks $125 million to accelerate construction of a second Innerbelt Bridge
CLEVELAND (Tuesday, March  20, 2012) – The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and its Innerbelt Bridge project team yesterday submitted a formal application for a federal grant to move forward more quickly with the construction of a second Innerbelt Bridge.
“This is part of our ongoing effort to stand with the people of Cleveland and finish this priority project as soon as money becomes available,” said ODOT Director Jerry Wray.  “We understand the importance of this project and its impact on jobs, commerce, commuters and northeast Ohio’s economic recovery. We are doing everything we can to seek out innovative and alternative funding sources and this federal grant is another option for us to explore.”
Earlier this year, ODOT announced a $1.6 billion shortfall that affects major transportation projects in communities throughout Ohio. In some cases, certain phases of projects are pushed back several years until funding becomes available.
ODOT applied for $125 million as part of the “TIGER IV” grant program; however, demolition of the existing bridge and construction of the second bridge is expected to cost more than $350 million. Five hundred million dollars are available nationwide but the most any one state can receive is $125 million. 
Grant winners will be announced later this year.  To view the grant application, click here.
Log-on to www.Innerbelt.org for more information about the project.
For more information contact:
Innerbelt Communications Office at (216) 584-4030 or email Info@Innerbelt.org