Innerbelt Update
Attention Commuters:  As we mentioned in our Friday update, we are working to restore I-90 east to its “pre-construction” configuration.  That means I-90 east will again be reopened to three (3) lanes!  We are making excellent progress and, as of right now, we hope to make all of these changes before the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday (for all you shoppers).  Should all go as planned, we will be well ahead of the December 1 date.  As many of you who commuted into downtown this morning may have noticed, a number of factors put the pinch on your morning commute.  An accident on I-71 north, this morning’s rain and the new traffic pattern all made for a longer-than-normal commute.
You may have also noticed that the ramp from I-77 north to I-90 east/E 9th now has one lane that must exit for E 9th and one lane that continues to I-90 east.  Along with that, the ramp from I-490 east to I-77 north has returned to having a single lane and the Woodland ramp to I-77 north has reopened.  There’s a lot of work to do before everything is returned to normal and I-90 east is reopened to three lanes.  While these changes are taking place, allow plenty of extra time to get to your downtown destinations and consider public transit or carpooling.  I-90 west will remain as two lanes in downtown Cleveland.
Here is a list of important changes that will take place over the coming week:
  • Reopen I-90 east to three (3) lanes
  • Restore I-90 east access to E 22nd Street & Carnegie Avenue
  • Reopen I-90 east ramp to E 9th Street
  • Reopen SR 176 north ramp to I-71 north/I-90 east
  • Reopen I-490 west ramp to I-77 north
Although traffic changes may add extra minutes to your commute, the construction of this bridge is vital to the success of moving people in and out of downtown Cleveland in the future.  It will enhance capacity, bolster our economy and ensure the safety of motorists.  If you have questions or comments about the return to the previous traffic pattern, tell us on our Facebook page at or e-mail us at  We’re happy to help! 
Please exercise caution in work zones.  For statewide construction information visit:
Motorists are encouraged to Ride RTA or carpool through OhioRideshare during these restrictions.
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