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1. The listing of existing truck traffic on Vrooman Road is intentionly misleading since truck traffic is currently not permitted in the study area.
2.This study is inadequate so long as the alternatives to be addressed do not include all viable options. By preselecting the alternatives ODOT essentially predetermines the outcome. I believe this not by chance. The alternative of locating the connector to I90 east of Vrooman Road as was originally proposed must be included.
3.The public comment tags on the website do not include any of the notes, comments, or correspondence submitted to FHWA, ODOT, etc.by residents of Vrooman Road. This censorship of comment is misleading to any interested person who reviews the site. They should not be buried by ODOT.
How can the purpose and need be approved by FHWA knowing that the traffic count was not accurate? Don't they need factual data to make a decision about 32 million dollars or more??
Patricia BorkYes
What will happen to these comments? The written comments from the open houses were put into folders, filed away and ignored. Several residents went to NOACA and were provided a thick folder of responses from the first open house. Were allowed to read and copy these responses, so we did. Supposedly the responses were tallied to obtain numbers of the public response regarding their opinion about the preferred type of bridge.  The majority preferred low level or no build while the announcement was that the majority preferred high level either at Lane Rd. or Madison Avenue.
Patricia BorkYes
The NOACA web site listed on June 9, 2006 that they approved payment of 80% of the proposed LAK Vrooman PID 5669 with an estimated cost of $22,471,000.
Since the dollar amount has increased to $32,000,000 does NOACA intend to fund an "infinite dollar amount" for this bridge? As this country struggles on the edge of bankruptcy how can this cost increase of almost $10,000,000 be justified? Perhaps another loan from China? Who is to pay for this and does Jim Gills have his 20% of the $32 million??
Patricia BorkYes
The Eastern Shawnee Tribe wishes to express their interest in the proposed Vrooman Road Bridge in northern OHIO. The Vrooman Site is a well known archaeology site worthy of preservation.
Robin Dushane, Cultural Preservation Director, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Yes
Eastern Shawnee Tribe
Cultural Preservation Department
POB 350
Seneca, MO 64865

Public and stakeholder input and weren’t included in the creation of this new Purpose and Need document, why?

Sarah HayesNo