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The District 12 Permitted Lane Closure Times is a tool used to manage traffic on the interstate and freeway system in District 12. The times given are the times lanes may be closed without causing major queues, (traffic backups). For any section of freeway or interstate not covered by the District 12 Permitted Lane Closure Times, permission to close that section must be obtained from the District Work Zone Traffic Manager.  ​​


 Permitted Lane Closures, Revision 12, October 10, 2012

PermittedLaneClosuresI-71Revision12.pdfI-71105 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresI-77Revision12.pdfI-77110 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresI-90Revision12.pdfI-90149 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresI-271Revision12.pdfI-271112 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresI-271ExpressRevision12.pdfI-271 Express Lanes88 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresI-480Revision.pdfI-480125 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresI-480NRevision12.pdfI-480 Northbound101 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresI-490Revision12.pdfI-490101 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresUS422Revision12.pdfU.S. 42298 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresSR2Revision12.pdfState Route 298 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresSR44Revision12.pdfState Route 4486 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresSR176Revision12.pdfState Route 17689 KB
PermittedLaneClosuresSR2ShorewayRevision12.pdfState Route 2 - Cleveland Memorial Shoreway104 KB

 Permitted Lane Closures, Revision 11, May 10, 2011

Permitted Lane Closure I-71 Revision 11.pdfI-7195 KB
Permitted Lane Closure I-77 Revision 11.pdfI-7786 KB
Permitted Lane Closure I-90 Revision 11.pdfI-90114 KB
Permitted Lane Closure I-271 Local Lanes Revision 11.pdfI-27181 KB
Permitted Lane Closure I-271 ExpLanes Revision 11.pdfI-271 Express Lanes75 KB
Permitted Lane Closure I-480 Revision 11.pdfI-48086 KB
Permitted Lane Closure I-480N Revision 11.pdfI-480 Northbound52 KB
Permitted Lane Closure I-490 Revision 11.pdfI-49084 KB
Permitted Lane Closure U.S. 422 Revision 11.pdfU.S. 42261 KB
Permitted Lane Closure SR 2Revision 11.pdfState Route 259 KB
Permitted Lane Closure  SR 44 Revision 11.pdfState Route 4456 KB
Permitted Lane Closure SR 176 Revision 11.pdfState Route 17658 KB
Permitted Lane Closure SR2 Shoreway Revision 11.pdfState Route 2 - Cleveland Memorial Shoreway72 KB

 Permitted Lane Closure Notes