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Right-of-Way Manual

 Right-of-Way Manual Overview

The purpose of the Right of Way Manual is to instruct and guide both the experienced and inexperienced Right of Way Plan Designer and Reviewer.  This Manual does not exempt the professional from performing responsible surveying and/or engineering work.  It is intended to provide and promote uniform procedures, standards, and continuity when designing right of way plans. 

Click on the link provided under the "Type" or "Name" column below to download each file.

Right of Way Manuals Complete7/19/2013Entire_Manual_0713.pdfEntire_Manual_0713
Section 3100 Right of Way Plan Manual7/19/20133100_Manual_0713.pdf3100_Manual_0713
Section 3200 Types of Title to be Acquired Manual4/15/20113200_Manual_0411.pdf3200_Manual_0411
Section 3300 Legal Description Manual4/15/20113300_Manual_0411.pdf3300_Manual_0411
Appendix A - Sample Plans4/15/2011A Sample Plans.pdfA Sample Plans
Appendix B - Glossary4/15/2011B Glossary.pdfB Glossary
Appendix C - Laws Governing Right of Way4/21/2006C Laws Gov RW.pdfC Laws Gov RW
Appendix D - Survey Certification4/15/2011D Survey Certification.pdfD Survey Certification
Appendix E - Plat Legal Description4/21/2006E Sample RW Plat Deed.pdfE Sample RW Plat Deed
Appendix F - Affidavit of Correction4/21/2006F Sample Affidavit of Correction.pdfF Sample Affidavit of Correction
Appendix G - Sample Temporary Release4/21/2006G Sample Temporary Release.pdfG Sample Temporary Release
Appendix H - Right of Way Checklist4/2/2014H RW Plan Checklist.pdfH RW Plan Checklist
Appendix I - Right of Way Field Review Checklist4/15/2011I RW Field Review Checklist.pdfI RW Field Review Checklist
Appendix J - Right of Way Description Checklist7/23/2020J RW Description Checklist.pdfJ RW Description Checklist
Appendix K - Monument Setting Procedure (For complete Details see the MOU and Monumentation Procedure dated 12/15/2010 below)4/15/2011K Monument Setting Policy.pdfK Monument Setting Policy
Memorandum of Understanding for Monument Setting/Resetting12/15/20109-22-10 Memorandum.pdf9-22-10 Memorandum
ODOT's Monument Setting/Resetting Procedure12/15/201012-15-10 Monument Procedure.pdf12-15-10 Monument Procedure
Ohio Roadway Laws Establishg WidthsRoad Laws Governing Width.PDF
Unofficial Reference Document that may help establish ROW widths

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