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July 18, 2014





Office of Hydraulic Engineering

Office of Pavement Engineering

The Pavement Design Manual has been updated effective July 18, 2014.  The major changes are as follows

  •    New section 100 incorporating the former pavement design and selection policies.
  • Updated traffic factors in section 200 including a new lane factor for 4-lane facilities.
  • Updates to section 300 to match the 2013 C&MS.
  • Updates to section 400 to reflect the change from 446/448 pay items to the new 441 pay item.
  • Updates to section 700 to reflect the new pavement selection procedures.
  • Removal of Appendix A.
  • Updates to appendices B and C to reflect the other changes in the PDM.
The manual and the update can be accessed at:

Traffic Standards Engineering:
  • To Holders of the Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM) and the Sign Designs and Markings Manual (SDMM):
As of July 18, 2014 these publications have been revised.
The TEM revision involves updates of the Title Sheet, preface materials, and Parts 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 14 of the TEM.
The SDMM revision involves updates of the Cover, Title Sheet, and Chapters for General, Regulatory, Warning, Directional, Information, Logo, Miscellaneous, TODS, School Area and TTC signs. The revision includes: 31 new designs and 46 revisions (including code number changes and editorial updates).
The updated publications and the separate revision sets are available from the ODOT Design Reference Resource Center (DRRC) http://www.dot.state.oh.us/drrc/Pages/default.aspx , or from the Office of Roadway Engineering’s Traffic Standards website at http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Engineering/Roadway/DesignStandards/traffic/Pages/default.aspx. The Revision Sets includes detailed Revision Logs.
The SDMM is actually referenced as a part of the TEM (Section 295-2). If you use the DRRC website to access the SDMM, please be aware that in the alphabetical listing on the DRRC it appears with the TEM.
The Manuals and Revision Set is set up to print double-sided sheets.
Per ODOT policy, revisions will only be available via the web pages noted above.
  • To Holders of the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD):
    • An update of the Known Errors List for the 2012 OMUTCD has been posted to the OMUTCD website. It can be viewed by going to the OMUTCD website at www.dot.state.oh.us/omutcd. Scroll down to the view labeled “2012 OMUTCD – Known Errors” and click on the pdf file icon to open the file.
Office of Roadway Engineering
  •  To:  Holders of the Traffic Standard Construction Drawings (SCDs) and Plan Insert Sheets (PISs)

As of July 18, 2014, twenty-five (25) SCDs have been revised and one (1) new one has been introduced.

In addition, three (3) PISs have been revised, and thirty-three (33) others have been reformatted using ORE CADD standards with no significant content changes made. 
The Index Sheets for the SCDs and PISs have been updated as well.  
The updated drawings and a separate revision package are available from ODOT’s Design Reference Resource Center (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/drrc/), or from the Office of Roadway Engineering’s website at http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Engineering/Roadway/DesignStandards/traffic/SCD/Pages/default.aspx
The revision package includes a detailed Revision Log.
Office of Construction Administration
The following Supplemental Specifications, Proposal Notes, and Supplements have been published per quarterly Specification and Standards Distribution effective 7-18-2014 for the 2013 C&MS:
Spec Number
Effective Date
File Name
Designer Note
PN 420
Surface Smoothness Requirements For Pavements
This note should be used on all paving projects when: 1. The project is at least 1 centerline mile long (both divided and undivided highways); 2. The design speed is 50 miles per hour or greater; and one of the following applies: See Designer Note
PN 470
Thin Lift Asphalt Surface Smoothness Requirements
Use this proposal note for all night paving projects or when the District determines smoothness is required for non-night paving projects and the pavement thickness is less than the minimum specified in PN 420. Projects where this note may not be desired.
The current revision date used on the Title Sheet should match the quarterly revision date that will be in effect when the Engineers Estimate is complete. This date is approximately 8 weeks prior to the Letting Date for the project.
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Devices And Components
This specification shall be used for any project that contains INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM (ITS) DEVICES AND COMPONENTS.
Luminaire, Solid-State (LED)
Use this specification on all projects that include Highway Lighting that will be using LED luminaires. Contact Kevin Duemmel for approval to use this specification.
Light Traffic Asphalt Mixture Composition Requirements
This item is for use in locations with little or no truck traffic (<50 trucks per day).  Locations where this item may be used include state park roads, parking lots, driveways, and bike paths.  This item is not for use on any state highway.
Asphalt Concrete With Fibers
This product can be selectively applied as an anti-rutting treatment according to the High Stress Guidelines Appendix B of the Pavement Design Manual. The guidelines in the Pavement Design Manual for 441 and 442 mixes with 448-acceptance apply.
Conduit Renewal Using Spray Applied Structural Liner
This specification may be used for relining existing conduit that is 36-inch diameter or greater in size  Contact the manufacturers for the required thickness of the liner.  Contact the Hydraulic Section of the Office of Structural Engineering
Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall
This Supplemental Specification (SS) is to be included on all projects using MSE Walls. See the Bridge Design Manual for technical design information.
Asphalt Concrete With Gilsonite
This item is a highly rut-resistant mix intended for use in high stress areas. Use the 12.5mm mix if there are greater than 1500 trucks in the opening day traffic. Use 446 acceptance if the quantity is 250 tons or greater. Otherwise Use 448 acceptance.
Asphalt Concrete with Verglimit
This item is designed to assist with de-icing in certain temperature ranges and has usually been applied on bridge decks.
Luminaire, Solid-State (LED)
Compaction of Unbound Materials
Pavement Marking Materials Product Evaluation And Approval Process
Model 2070E Controller with 2070-1E CPU Prequalification Procedure
Luminaires, Solid-State (LED) Approved List Qualification Procedure
Mixture Design For Chemically Stabilized Soils
Certification Of Nuclear Density/Moisture Gauges And Operators
The new specifications can be found online here:
ODOT employees can find all documents on the O:\Drive:    
Office of CADD and Mapping Services
  • ODOT Location and Design Volume 3 and Sample Plan

    The Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of CADD and Mapping Services, has revised the Location and Design Manual, Volume 3 and Sample Plans.

The L&D Volume 3 files are available at the following link:  http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Engineering/CADDMapping/volume3/Pages/ld3.aspx

The Sample Plan files are available at the following link: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Engineering/CaddMapping/sample_plans/Pages/sample_plans.aspx

  • ODOT CADD Standards:
The Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of CADD and Mapping Services, has released an update to the CADD Standards for July 18, 2014. Please note that the CADD Services webpage has been updated to a more compact design.
A listing of the CADD updates is available at:
Meeting Notice:
The Office of CADD and Mapping Services will be hosting a Consultant Users Group meeting to present upcoming changes to MicroStation and GEOPAK Standards as we move forward to MicroStation SS3 and OpenRoads Technology. The meeting will be held August 5th, 2014 in the ODOT Central Office Auditorium, 1980 West Broad St, Columbus OH.   
To see the agenda, click Here
If you have any questions about ODOT's MicroStation and GEOPAK CADD Standards, please contact the CADD Support Team or Submit a Question.
Office of Roadway Standards
  • The following changes have been made to the Location & Design Manual Volume 1:

Section 600 - Roadside Design- language added that concrete sealers are not required for concrete barrier, language added to clarify the definition of work zone impact attenuators, and the glare screen requirements have been changed.

Section 800 Access Control, R/W Use Permits and Drive Design -  Driveway Pavement material updated to match Construction and Material Specifications, Figure 803-3 updated for ADA compliance.
The Roadside Safety Landscaping Guidelines are no longer a separate appendix, but have now been made into Section 900.  Information for Roundabout Landscaping was also added.
Appendix B - Pavement Material for paving under guardrail was updated to match Construction & Material Specifications. 
  • The following Roadway Standard Construction Drawings have been revised:
BP-7.1, New Curb Ramps - a new perpendicular layout was added, clarifications made to the detectable warning alignment, as well as other language clarification F-3.2, Walk Gates - Formatting only, no content changes MGS-2.3, Midwest Guardrail System Long Span Guardrail - How the dimensions and pay limits were shown have been modified for clarification, no changes were made to the actual design of the system.
MGS-2.4, Midwest Guardrail System Socketed Weak Post Attached to Headwall - There was a typo on the bolt hole dimension of the S3x5.7 post which has been corrected.
MGS-3.1, Midwest Guardrail System MGS Bridge Terminal Assembly Type 1 - language added to allow the system to utilize existing bolt holes on existing walls & parapets.
RM-1.1, Roadway Monuments - Monument Cap and Rod dimensions were updated RM-4.3, Single Slope Barrier Types B, C, B1 & C1 - Light Pole foundation Length quantity updated RM-4.4, Single Slope Barrier Transitions - note updated to match Construction & Material Specifications RM-4.5, Single Slope Barrier Type D - formatting only - no content changes RM-5.1, Steel Bollards  - formatting only - no content changes RM-6.1, Concrete Parking Block Detail - formatting only - no content changes RM-7.1, Drilled Water Well Abandoned - formatting only - no content changes
The Office of Pavement Engineering also updated SCD's BP-2.3 and BP-3.1 which can be found here:
Office of Structural Engineering

Revised Standard Bridge Drawings NBS-1-09 and SICD-1-96; New Standard Bridge Drawing SICD-2-14; and New Design Data Sheet & SICDD-2-14 are now available.


These drawings may be downloaded at no cost from the Office of Structural Engineering home page: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/divisions/Engineering/structures/Pages/default.aspx



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