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Lisa, you can ignore. I'm just testing the contact us page.
Lisa, you can ignore. I'm just testing the contact us page.
I am a registered engineer in Ohio and Pennsylvania. I submitted my OTEC credits from 2012 to Pennsylvania for the renewal of my license. I scanned the stamped portions of my OTEC booklet for the presentations I attended. They rejected them because my name was not on them. Is there a way that I can get a document for the presentations I attended that includes my name?
Is there a spreadsheet or pdf of the full 2013 OTEC Conference Agenda?
If so, would you please email to me?
Andersonkaren.anderson@burgessniple.com(614) 459-2050, ext. 1549
Hi Lisa,

I've left you a couple of phone messages regarding Burgess & Niple's interest in reactivating our  participation on the OTEC program committee. 

I know you are very busy and thought this might be the more efficient way to connect.

Please respond at your convenience to let us know how we can help.


I represent Nancy Flynn a Speaker/Trainer/Author and an expert in traditional & electronic writing, policy and compliance. Nancy lives in Columbus area, has over 20 years experience serving government agencies & the private sector. Notable Clients: Ohio Supreme Court, State of Ohio Trainers Association, Nationwide Insurance to name a few. Contact me for additional information.
On Friday, I submitted an abstract for the OTEC meeting, but I did not receive a confirmation.  I am concerned that it did not make it through the system.  Can you please advise?
Please include my email on any notification list when OTEC  Exhibitors/Sponsorship & registration begins. We are likely going to be a sponsor and would like to be able to get information as early as possible so we can register as soon as possible.

Thanks & please contact me with any questions.
Hello Lisa,
I am wanting to find out how to be notified of the OTEC Call for Abstracts in the future.  I am with Burton Planning Services.  Each year we do not find out about the call for abstracts until it is too late.  Is there a list we need to have our e-mails on?

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance,
-Nicole Clune
I would assume that you have all the presentations you need but I was speaking to Mike Brokaw at AASHTO SCOBS in Columbus and he suggested I see if you have a time slot available. Our Technology is a Electro-chemical Fatigue Sensor that defines fatigue cracks in real time.
This technology provides the ability to do the following:
o Define Crack Growth (is the crack growing or not)
o How Rapid is the Growth (fast, medium or slow)
o Define the Presence of Micro-Plasticity (in similar details elsewhere on the same bridge)
o Assist in Evaluation of Effective Retrofit's (did the retrofit stop the crack growth)
o Retrofit Selection (which retrofit is most effective in stopping the crack growth)
A great tool for Asset Management and Risk-Based Inspection
If this subject matter would fit in your current tracks and if there is a time slot available I would be happy to present
Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio, Inc. - the membership association for surveyors - would like to be an exhibitor for the first time this year.  I see online reg opens July 31 - is there a way for us to complete our exhibitor registration prior to that time?  Is it permissible to request space near other specific exhibitors (i.e. one of our board members is with the ODOT Aerial Division and thought he might be able to request that our booth be near theirs)?  Any information or insight will be appreciated.  ALSO - do I have to have our representatives names at the time of registration?  I am presenting at the event, and understand that I will be receiving a registration for my speaking service.  We have an additional staff member who is attending, but do not have confirmation from our officers as to who else with be working our booth yet.

I will be out of the office on Thursday and someone else will be registering our booth request this year.  Is it possible to get a sample pdf of the registration on-line so that I will have all of the requested information ready for this person to enter?
I would like to get payment information for the conference. Including:
Will you take a Purchase Order?
Who would the check be made out to (vendor)?
Tax ID No. for the vendor?
Thank you.
Hi Lisa - I am looking to secure a 10 x 10 booth space at this conference. Can you tell me how I can do this?

Herwatstephenherwat@bex.net419 309 9056
Ms. Hall,

I attempted to register on line today through the OTEC website to no avail.

I also tried to go separately to regonline's website

Is there a problem with the registration link?

Thank you.

Steve Herwat
Would like to exhibit our impact attenuator. Do you have indoor space for a trailer?
Hi Lisa,

I apologize if you're not the right person to ask about this, but we're brainstorming ideas for entertainment at our booth (#426) and would like to do a game with prizes; however, I first wanted to see if there are any rules about ODOT employees receiving gifts/prizes and if we should stay within a dollar amount for giveaways? Thanks for the clarification!

Who will be the speaker at the Wednesday luncheon?
del Rosariobobby.delrosario@autodesk.com415 547 2305
I am interested in securing booth space as an exhibitor.  How do I go about doing so?

Can you verify if I am registered for this year's OTEC conference.

Is there a guest speaker this year for Wednesday's luncheon?

Hi Lisa,

I am the marketing coordinator for Open Roads Consulting. Jeff Adler will be needing Kosher meals for lunch. Is this something that can be provided?

The 2014 course descriptions for Wednesday October 29 10:30-12:00 are the same as Tuesday October 28 10:30-11:30. 
One of our employees is registered to attend Otec.  He was just asked this week to conduct one of the sessions which includes the registration.  Can we get a refund on his paid registration?  His name is Dylan Foukes.
Hi Lisa,

I am scheduled to present two sessions; (1) Marcellus Shale Success Stories and (2) Public Private Collaboration - PennDOT and the Marcellus Shale Coalition. 

In reviewing the agenda, Amber Benzon was not included as the co-presenter for the Public Private Collaboration.  I also spoke to her and she never got the email to registered.  I checked the abstract that I submitted and she was included.

Can we include her on the agenda?

Is there exhibit space available.  If so, I would like to register today
I am curious to know if it is too late to purchase a booth location?

Please contact me ASAP.

Thank you.

I would be interested in submitting a paper/make presentation in next year's OTEC conference.  I know it may be a little early but can you let me know the submittal process.

Thank you

Michael Morgano
Hi Lisa -
Will ODOT have a bulletin board at OTEC where companies can post our vacant positions?  I remember a few years ago there was one available, but not the last year or two.
Do we still time to get a booth?
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