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I would assume that you have all the presentations you need but I was speaking to Mike Brokaw at AASHTO SCOBS in Columbus and he suggested I see if you have a time slot available. Our Technology is a Electro-chemical Fatigue Sensor that defines fatigue cracks in real time.
This technology provides the ability to do the following:
o Define Crack Growth (is the crack growing or not)
o How Rapid is the Growth (fast, medium or slow)
o Define the Presence of Micro-Plasticity (in similar details elsewhere on the same bridge)
o Assist in Evaluation of Effective Retrofit's (did the retrofit stop the crack growth)
o Retrofit Selection (which retrofit is most effective in stopping the crack growth)
A great tool for Asset Management and Risk-Based Inspection
If this subject matter would fit in your current tracks and if there is a time slot available I would be happy to present


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