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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


 Tue., 8:00 - 8:45 a.m.


 Tue., 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

7 Enhancing Ohio’s Economic Development through Strategic Investment in Transportation Infrastructure Enhancing Ohio’s Economic Recovery through Strategic Investment in the Intermodal System;Bruce Mansfield

Enhancing Economic Development Opportunities through Systems Level Planning; Bruce Mansfield and Paul Dorothy

The Potential for Exclusive Truck Facilities in Ohio; Paul Dorothy

8 Field Testing and Performance of Culverts in Ohio

Field Testing and Performance of Metal Culverts in Ohio; Halil Sezen

9 Long Span Bridges Erection of the James Rumsey Bridge; David Lattanzi

Review of Three Major Bridge Projects; Cliff Tang
10 Pavement Smoothness at Bridges and Roadways Pavement Smoothness; J. Don Brock | Jim Hedderich

Designing, Constructing, and Correcting: Bridge Rideability; Brian Schleppi | Scott LeBlanc

11 Contractor’s Helpful Hints to the Designer
Contractor’s Helpful Hints to the Designer; George Palk | Paul Stanard
12 Bike - Pedestrian Safety ODOT’s Bike/PED Policy; Steven Jewell

The Safe Routes to School Program; Julie Walcoff

Accessible Pedestrian Signals - The MUTCD and Future Issues; Kelly Brooker Scocco

13 Pavement Management for Local Governments, Part 1 Lucas County Experience Developing a Pavement Management System; Jeffrey Lohse

Pavement Management Consulting Services; Jody Sucharsk
14 In Place Pavement Recycling/Reclamation, Part 2
Innovations in Cold-In-Place Recycling; Renato Ceccovilli

Full Depth Pavement Reclamation with Lime Kiln Dust; Larry Cole

15 Mega Issues Affecting the Geotechnical Community Mega Issues Affecting the Geotechnical Community: What Does the Future Hold?; W. Allen Marr
16 Roadway Pricing Techniques - What’s being done in Ohio? ODOT’s State Infrastructure Bank; Melinda Lawrence

Butler County Transportation Improvement District; John Fonner

Franklin/Pickaway County JEDD; Nate Green


 Tue., 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

17 Bridge Innovation
Innovative Bridge Concepts for County Bridges; Warren Schlatter

Performance of Distributed Anode System of Slab Bridge on I-75; Brad Lightle | Chris Ball


18 Cable Stay Bridges in Ohio

Project Overview; Dan Beasley

Overview of Cable Stay Bridges - US Grant Bridge; Ray McCabe

Project Overview ; Mike Gramza

Segmental Approach Construction; Jeff Bake

Mainspan Construction; Wade Bonzon

Lessons Learned; Mike Gramza

19 Innovative Intersection and Interchange Treatments

Diverging Diamond Interchange; James Young | Nichole English

B. Innovative Interchange/Intersection Panel; Dirk Gross | James Young | Dave Holstein | Larry Sutherland | Greg Parsons


20 ODOT’s Freeze-Thaw Test for Course Aggregate and its Impact on Statewide Aggregate Availability ODOT’s Freeze-Thaw Test for Course Aggregate and its Impact on Statewide Aggregate Availability; William Sheftick
21 Pavement Management for Local Governments - Part 2


How Small City Funding Program Works; Randy Lane

Developing a Paving Program using Pavement Condition Data; Daniel Moeglin | Nick Loukas

How the Ohio Public Works Improvement Programs Work; David Kern

Pavement Condition Rating Software Demonstration for Locals; Andrew Williams


22 Improving Communication with the Public
Effective Communication: Overcoming the Nuances of the English Language; David Orr

Keeping Peace with the Public; Jim Weber

Public Education and Cultural Resources: Combining and Streamlining to Produce a More Efficient Outcome; Barbara Shaffer


23 Leveraging Electronic Plan Data
Tiff Image Submissions; Bill Ujvari

Electronic File Deliverables; Ed Kagel | Dan Reinke

Utilizing Electronic Files in the Field; Pete Kaz


24 City Streets and Stormwater Runoff Controls Enhanced Water Quality Swales and Other BMPS for Greater Cleveland; Todd Houser

Louisville’s Pervious Concrete Gutter Plates Fight Combined Sewer Overflow; Herbert Schardein

Lansing’s use of Bioretention in an Ultra-Urban Street Design; Anne Thomas


25 Utilizing the Benefits of Subgrade Stabilization in Pavement Design

Structural Benefit of Subgrade Stabilization in Kansas; Andy Gisi

Structural Benefit of Subgrade Stabilization in Indiana; Daehyeon Kim

An Evaluation of Subgrade Treatments on the IR 71 Corridor ; Perry Ricciardi


26 The Economic Impact Analyses of Transportation Improvements

Conducting a Benefit-Cost Analysis; Paula Dowel

Assessing the Economic Impact of an Interchange; Howard Maier


27 Survival Skills for Future Engineers and Transportation Professionals, Part 2 Tort Liability Awareness and Risk Management

Tort Liability Awareness and Risk Management; Mike Fitch

Thinking Inside, Outside, and Around the Box; Mark Henson


 Tue, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

28 Women Leaders in Engineering
Women Leaders in Engineering; Marsha Anderson Bomar | Cosema Crawford | Afsnaeh House | Norine Walker | Carolyn J. Merry | WTS

29 Bridge Inspection

Lakeview Drive Bridge over I-70 in Pennsylvania; Ray Hartle

Underwater Inspection of Bridges; Daniel Stromberg

Real Time Bridge Scour Monitoring; Bill Yu

30 Construction Law Principles of Measuring of Inefficiencies

The Measurement and Pricing of Inefficiencies on Construction Projects; Scott Lowe

Construction Law Principles for Contract Administrators and Designers; Bill Lindenbaum

Construction Law Principles for Contract Administrators and Designers; Megan Blackford

31 It Was Built and They Came, and Came, So Now it’s Time to Build it Again

Managing Traffic Resulting from Economic and Population Growth; Edward Williams

A Safety Improvement that Promotes Economic Development; Stephen Way

Columbus North Central Outerbelt - US Route 23 Trench Design; Charles Cvitkovich

Positive Economic Impacts of Access Management; Jerome Gluck

32 Concrete Concepts for Local Governments Concrete Maturity Monitoring Used to Open Roadway to Traffic - City of Columbus Experience; Abdulshafi Abdulshafi | Carl Togni

Unbonded Overlays - New Life for Older Streets; Mark Papke

Pervious Concrete Pavement Hydrological Design Considerations and Methods; Julie Buffenbarger

33 Roads, Rails, Trails and Commerce SR747 CSX Rail Grade Separation - The Inside Track to Commerce Richard Miller

A Roadway to Economic Development - The Marion Northwest Industrial Connector
Terry Winebrenner

Connectivity and Economic Growth with the Cuyahoga County Towpath Stage 1
Vickie Wildeman

The I-270/US 33 Northwest Freeway Study: Addressing the Mobility Challenges of Economic Growth
Andrew Wolpert

34 Innovations in Design and Construction Facilitating Expansions of Rickenbacker and Port Columbus Modern Technologies with Innovations in Design and Construction are Facilitating Expansions of Rickenbacker and Port Columbus International Airports; David Gotschall

Port Columbus Taxiway Aircraft Bridge; Troy Jessop | Ben Borcherding

Utilization of Roller Compacted Concrete at Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal; C. Robert Thompson | Edward Carlson

Heartland Clearance Improvement Project; Mike Loehr

35 Geohazards Remediation The Nelsonville Bypass: A Hitchhiker’s Journey through the Galaxy of Mine Hazards; Stan Harris | Eric Kistner, FMSM | Alan Craig

Cantilevered Stub Piers for Slope Remediation Along the Ohio River; Swaminathan Srinivasan | Jess Schroeder | Joseph Smithson

The Slope Shouldn’t Have Failed; Pete Nix

Slope Failure on Lake Erie Shoreline Adjacent to Ashtabula 531: Exploration, Assessment and Temporary Repair; Alexandre Bredikhin |  Allen Stadler

36 Innovative Financing The Case for Managed Lanes; N. Craig Miller

Goldilocks and the 3P’s - Choosing a Financing Mechanism that is “Just Right”; Suzann Rhodes

Case Study: Illinois Open Roads for a Faster Future; Tony Standish

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


 Wed., 8:30 - 10:00 a.m.

37 Streamlining Contractor’s Processes for Bidding and Payment The Future is Now - Internet Bidding and Project Management; Scott Noble

The City of Columbus’ Continuous Improvement Program - Accelerated Contractor Payment; David Beck


38 Hydraulics and Hydrology Bridge and Culvert Modeling Using HEC-RAS ; Joe Bolzenius

City of Lansing, Use of Bioretention in an Ultra-Urban Street Design; Daniel Christian

Structural and Installation Design of Storm Piping Systems; Donald Lepley | David L. McClintock


39 What’s Holding Us Up?

Division of Responsibility for MSE Wall Design and Construction ; Gene Lamberson

Downdrag in LRFD for Deep Foundations; Stuart Edwards | Fellinius1984 | Fellinius1998 | Fellinius 2004



Opportunity Corridor: Restoring Prosperity to the Forgotten Triangle


Restoring Prosperity: Past, Present and Future; Mary Cierebiej

Restoring Prosperity: Land Use and Economic Development; Robert Brown

Restoring Prosperity: Transportation; Craig Hebebrand

41 Signal Improvements

Safety Impacts of Signalization Improvements and Removing Unwarranted Signals; Randy Kill

Pilot for Systematic Signal Timing and Phasing Program; Daniel Bieberitz

2nd National Traffic Signal Report Card Results; Todd Stanhope


42 Local Governments Building New Concrete Pavements
Roller Compacted Concrete - The City of Columbus Experience; Abdulshafi Abdulshafi | Richard Cummins

Crocker-Stearns Extension: A New Road in Cuyahoga County; Robert Klaiber

Dixmyth Avenue Improvement: Expedited Project Delivery ;Curtis Hines | Joseph Vogel


43 Scrap Tires Bring New Money and New Technology to Road Construction ODNR/DRLP Scrap Tire Grant Program; S. Matthew Dummitt

Grant Money Funds Franklin County Resurfacing Project; Dean Ringle

44 Real Estate is Needed for Transportation - The Economic Impact RAP Conceptual Studies in the NEPA Process; Andy Teater

Railroad Coordination; Rich Behrendt

ODOT Cell Tower Program; Steve Cheek

R/W Cost Estimating; Kevin O’Grady


45 It’s All About Data: Imagery Program, GDMS and GPS Readjustment Ohio Statewide Imagery Program: Maximizing Data Collection for State and Local Government Use; Bob Brinkman | Brian Stevens

Ohio DOT’s - G.D.M.S.; Walter Cline

NGS National Readjustment - How it Will Affect Your Current and Upcoming Projects; Jack Kuttrus

46 Rethinking the Role of our Streets New - Complete Streets and ADA Design for the User Ability; Tony Hull

Engaging Buford Highway’s Environmental Justice Communities; Anne Morris

Great Streets: Our Streets as Assets; Tim Page



 Wed., 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

47 Healthy Leader
Healthy Leader; Natalie Griffin
48 Ask ODOT Fulton Road Bridge Demolition; Gregory Kronstain | 2007 demo span | New75

Ask ODOT; Tim Keller | Jawdat Siddiqi | Sean Meddles | Scott LeBlanc | Lyle Flower


49 Communication Between Contractors and Designers Emergency Pavement Rehabilitation on the Cleveland Innerbelt; Tony Hurless

Emergency Pavement Rehabilitation on the Cleveland Innerbelt; Michael Kubek

West Virginia US 35 Design/Build Project; Jim Barna

West Virginia US 35 Design/Build Project; Brad Bowers


50 Emerging Technologies
Traffic Flow Information from Cell Phones - Baltimore, MD Test; Saini Yang

Doppler Traffic Flow Sensor For Traveler Information Systems; Charlie Armiger

Road Traffic Monitoring Using Cell Phones; Ofer Avni


51 Asphalt Pavements Do You Really Plan to Resurface this Same Road Again in Seven Years; Brian Driscoll

Mitigating Rising Costs of Asphalt Pavement; David Newcomb

Warm Mix Asphalt European Scan Tour; Wayne Jones


52 Highway Project Positive Economic Growth for Real Estate Development Butler County Union Center Blvd. / I-75; Doug Raters

Cincinnati - Dayton Road / I-75; Doug Raters

WOO 75 / 795 - The Golden Triangle; Dave Dicke

LUC 24 - Waterville Bypass; Dave Dicke

New Customers for Utilities; Chris Hibbett

53 Green Transportation Infrastructure
Concrete Design Strategies for “Green” Transportation Infrastructure; Julie Buffenbarger

A Web-Based Model for Comparing the Environmental Impacts of Using Recycled vs. Natural Materials in Road Construction; Defne Apul

Balancing the Cumulative Impact Equation Measuring the Value of Green Infrastructure Investments; Diana Martin


54 Difficult Foundation Issues Support of MSE Walls using Geopier Rammed Aggregate Piers -  A HITEC Demonstration Research Project; David White

Testing of Unknown Foundation: A Case Study with Comparison of Different NDT Methods; Bill Xiong Yu

An Overview of Feasible Alternatives and Associated Costs for Constructing Roadway Embankments Over Peat Deposits CPD=.50 hours Stephen Pasternack

55 The Next Transportation Bill

ODOT Funding Perspective; Julie Ray

A View from the Top; Janet Oakley


56 Your Transportation Career: A Comparison of Engineering Careers Within the Public and Private Sector Your Transportation Career: A Comparison of Engineering Careers Within the Public and Private Sector ; Brent Downing | Dave Mackey | Cornell Robertson | Whitt Wardell

 Wed., 2:15 p.m. - Various End Times