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Tuesday, October 28, 2008



 Tues., 8:00 - 8:45 a.m.

collapse Topic : 01 - DIGGS:  Setting the Standard for Geotechnical Management & Data (for Managers) ‎(2)
1A-Powers.pdf1A-PowersDIGGS - What It Is and Management BenefitsDr Chris Power, Mott MacDonald, United Kingdom
1B-Turner.pdf1B-TurnerDIGGS and Geotechnical Management WorldwideLoren Turner, P.E., California DOT
collapse Topic : 02 - Degradation Rate Modeling Bridges in Ohio ‎(1)
2A-Helmicki.pdf2A-HelmickiDegradation Rate Modeling Bridges in OhioProfs: Arthur Helmicki, Victor Hunt, and James Swanson, University of Cincinnati, OH
collapse Topic : 04 - In the Zone ‎(2)
4A-Durkos.pdf4A-DurkosNew FHWA Work Zone Rule Requires Positive Protection DevicesJohn Durkos, Road Systems, Inc.
4B-Gallagher.pdf4B-GallagherWork Zones: The Good, The Bad, The UglyJennifer Gallagher, Ohio DOT
collapse Topic : 05 - Construction of the Meander Reservoir Bridges ‎(1)
5A-Crish_Levenson.pdf5A-Crish_LevensonConstruction of the Meander Reservoir BridgesPhil Crish & Gery Noirot, Ohio DOT, Akron, OH;  and Joe Alfano & Jeremy Levenson, Great Lakes Construction Co.
collapse Topic : 06 - Ohio’s Statewide Railroad Preemption Evaluation ‎(1)
6A-Campbell.pdf6A-CampbellOhio’s Statewide Railroad Preemption EvaluationRick Campbell, President , CTC, Inc.
collapse Topic : 07 - Condition of Pavements on the Federal Aid Off State System ‎(1)
7AKerhlikar.pdf7AKerhlikarCondition of Pavements on the Federal Aid Off State SystemAndrew Williams and Richard Jones,  Ohio DOT

 Tue., 10:30 - 11:00 a.m.

collapse Topic : 08 - Bridge Solutions ‎(1)
8B-Keller.pdf8B-KellerWhat’s New in the Office of Structural EngineeringTim Keller, Ohio DOT
collapse Topic : 09 - US 90 Replacement Rebuilding After Katrina ‎(1)
9A-Blakemon.pdf9A-BlakemonUS 90 Replacement  Rebuilding After KatrinaFrank Blakemore, HNTB Corp.
collapse Topic : 10 - Underground Mines Under Transportation Facilities ‎(2)
10A-Kistner.pdf10A-KistnerAbandoned Underground Mine Hazards in Ohio: An Update of the AUMIRA Database PopulationEric Kistner, Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
10B-Weber.pdf10B-WeberMUS-93 Mine Grouting Project: A Straight Forward EnigmaMitchell Weber, Gannett Fleming Engineers and Architects
collapse Topic : 11 - Reconstruction of NASCAR’s Bristol Motor Speedway ‎(1)
11A-Ford.pdf11A-FordReconstruction of NASCAR’s Bristol Motor SpeedwayJim Hosea & Rob Ford, Baker Concrete Construction
collapse Topic : 12 - Bikeways:  From Planning to Construction ‎(2)
12A-Popa.pdf12A-PopaA. Columbus Bicentennial Bikeways Plan Nicholas Popa, City of Columbus, OH
12B-Coppock.pdf12B-CoppockOhio River Trail – Wilmer to Carrel:  Concept to ConstructionJames Coppock | Joseph Vogel, City of Cincinnati, OH
collapse Topic : 13 - Participatory Planning for Airport Expansions ‎(2)
13A-Rekow.pdf13A-RekowA. Cincinnati Municipal Lunken - Airport Master Plan Implementation:  Federal, State and Local CoordinationCheri Rekow, Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport
13B-Hammon.pdf13B-HammonB. The Ohio State University Airport Master Plan Implementation: Community InvolvementDouglas Hammon, OSU Airport
collapse Topic : 14 - Geospatial, Location, and Mapping Technologies for Trucks ‎(2)
14A-McCord.pdf14A-McCordA. Investigating Truck Crossing Times at International Borders with Advanced TechnologiesMark McCord, Prem Goel, Colin Brooks & Prasenjit Kapat, OSU; D. Eric Keefauver, Michigan Tech Research Institute, and Richard Wallace, Center for Automative Research
14B-Schorling_Gauchan.pdf14B-Schorling_GauchanB. Franklin County Snow Plow Routing ProjectCraig Gauchan & Sumi Gauchan, Transmap
collapse Topic : 15 - Sharing the Road:  Considering the Needs of Bicyclists, Pedestrians, and Motorcycle Riders on Ohio Roads ‎(3)
15A-Bowman.pdf15A-BowmanA. Complete StreetsRandall Bowman, City of Columbus
15B-Szauter.pdf15B-SzauterB. Taking Powered Two– and Three–Wheeled Vehicles into ConsiderationImre Szauter, American Motorcyclist Association
15C-Holstein.pdf15C-HolsteinC. Accommodating Bikes, Peds, and Motorcycles in Highway Maintenance and DesignDave Holstein, Ohio DOT
collapse Topic : 16 - “Critical Commerce Corridors” a SAFETEA-LU Re-Authorization Initiative and National Effort ‎(1)
16A-Bauer.pdf16A-BauerA. “Critical Commerce Corridors”David Bauer, ARTBA
collapse Topic : 17 - Improved Foundations for Pavements, Part I ‎(2)
17A- Wolfe.pdf17A- WolfeA. Full Depth Reclamation of Asphalt Pavements Using Lime Activated Class F Fly AshWilliam Wolfe, The Ohio State University
17B-Ruehl.pdf17B-RuehlB. Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) Used in Stabilization of SoilRalph Hodek, Michigan Technological University, and Paul Ruehl, LaFarge North America
collapse Topic : 18 - The Power of Multi-Modal Research ‎(2)
18A-Evans.pdf18A-EvansA. The Power of Multi-modal Research: Accelerating InnovationPaul Brubaker, US DOT
18B-Orcutt.pdf18B-OrcuttB. The Power of Multi-modal Research:  Caltrans Improves Mobility Across CaliforniaLarry Orcutt, California DOT

 Tue., 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

collapse Topic : 19 - The Value of Negotiation & Mediation in Transportation Projects ‎(1)
19A-Kramb_Reed.pdf19A-Kramb_ReedA. Saving Time and Money While Preserving Relationships: The Value of Negotiation & Mediation in Transportation ProjectsAmy L. Kramb, Tetra Tech  and Fred Reed, Jr., Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff, LLP
collapse Topic : 20 -  Maximizing Public Investments:  Ohio 21st Century Task Force and ASHTO/Perspectives and Realities ‎(1)
20B-Basso.pdf20B-BassoB. Reaction from a National Perspective – Realities and Comparisons to Other State DOTsJack Basso, American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials, Washington, D.C.
collapse Topic : 21 - Construction Law Principles for Contract Administration ‎(2)
21A-Lowe.pdf21A-LoweA. What is Current Standard for the Contractor Analysis of Delay?Scott Lowe, Trauner Consulting Services, Inc
21B-Lindenbaum_Becker_Engle.pdf21B-Lindenbaum_Becker_EngleB. Current Contracting Issues – Panel DiscussionWilliam Lindenbaum, Ohio DOT; Bill Becker, Attorney General Office; Chris Engle, Ohio Contractors Association; and Andrew Natale, Partner at Frantz Ward LLP.
collapse Topic : 22- Pre-stressed/Post-tensioned Bridge Solutions ‎(2)
22A-Breen.pdf22A-BreenA. Innovation on the US-24 over Lower Rouge River for Michigan DOTRobert Breen, Wade Trim Associates, Inc
22B-Slagle.pdf22B-SlagleB. Using Deep Spliced Concrete Girders on Design Build Des Plaines River Valley Bridge on I-355 in Lemont, ILBrian Slagle, Janssen & Spaans Engineering, Inc
collapse Topic : 23 - Design Innovation Case Studies that Reduce Right of Way Impacts and Costs ‎(3)
23A-Hibbett.pdf23A-HibbettA. HEN/LUC-24Christopher Hibbett, Ohio DOT
23B-Dicke.pdf23B-DickeB. HEN/LUC-24 Two Examples of Adding Service Roads Resulting in R/W SavingsDavid Dicke, Ohio DOT
23C-Raters.pdf23C-RatersC. HAM-75-2.30 Retaining Wall Justification Savings and CostsDoug Raters, Ohio DOT
collapse Topic : 24 - Geotechnical Research ‎(2)
24A-Masada.pdf24A-MasadaA. Shear Strength Properties of Ohio Embankment SoilsTeruhisa Masada, Ohio University
24B-Nusairat.pdf24B-NusairatB. Research Rock Socketed Drilled Shafts Subjected to Lateral LoadsJamal Nusairat, E.L. Robinson Engineering
collapse Topic : 25 - Asphalt Pavements ‎(3)
25A-Driscoll.pdf25A-DriscollA. Cuyahoga County Constructs a Perpetual PavementBrian Driscoll, Cuyahoga County Engineer Office
25B-Powers.pdf25B-PowersB. Cuyahoga County Constructs a Perpetual PavementDavid Power, Ohio DOT
25C-Wilkerson.pdf25C-WilkersonC. Porous Asphalt Pavement Debuts at Sand Run Metro ParkPaul Wilkerson, Metro Parks Serving Summit County
collapse Topic : 27 - Developing Intermodal Transportation at Rickenbacker:  A Case Study ‎(3)
27A-Schneider.pdf27A-SchneiderA. Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal and Logistics Park:  A Case Study in Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits of Intermodal TransportationAndrew Schneider, TranSystems Corporation
27B-Gotschall.pdf27B-GotschallB. Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal and Logistics Park:  A Case Study in Engineering and Design Related Issues and Lessons LearnedDavid Gotschall, Columbus Regional Airport Authority
27C-Grow.pdf27C-GrowC. Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal and Logistics Park:  A Case Study in Multi-agency Coordination and FundingJohn Grow, TranSystems

 Tue., 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

collapse Topic : 03 - Inverted Base Design and Performance ‎(1)
3A-Weingart.pdf3A-WeingartInverted Base Design and PerformanceRandy Weingart, Luck Stone Corp., Richmond, VA
collapse Topic : 28 - Access Management ‎(3)
28A-Harrington.pdf28A-HarringtonA. Access Management: Taking it to the Streets, It All Starts with a Plan US-40 Corridor (West Broad Street)Gary L. Harrington, P.E. Ohio DOT
28B-Thompson.pdf28B-ThompsonB. Public Involvement and the Art of the SellTy Thompson, Ohio DOT
28C-Arnold.pdf28C-ArnoldC. Access Management Case Study US 27 from Galbraith Road to Struble Road, Hamilton CountyJay Hamilton & Tommy Arnold, Ohio DOT
collapse Topic : 29 - Women Leaders in Freight & Logistics ‎(4)
29D-Stokes.pdf29D-StokesA. WTS Columbus Presents Women Leaders in Freight & Logistics
29A-Blakley.pdf29A-BlakleyB. Giving a Voice to Freight: Federal funding for freight & goods movement infrastructureLeslie Blakey, Executive Director CAGTC
29B-Crompton-Renda.pdf29B-Crompton-RendaC. Intermodal Growth: Evolving OpportunitiesMichelle Crompton-Renda, Pacer International
29C-Ford.pdf29C-FordD. Panalpina, Inc.,Nadine LaFond, Panalpina, Inc.
collapse Topic : 30 - Urban Streetcar Projects / Transit Oriented Development ‎(4)
30A-Bergman.pdf30A-BergmanA1. Cincinnati Streetcar FeasibilitySteve Bergman, HDR Engineering
30A-Bergman_Streetcars.pdf30A-Bergman_StreetcarsA2. Columbus Streetcar ProjectSteve Bergman, HDR Engineering
30B-Craig_Smith.pdf30B-Craig_SmithB. Building Seattle’s StreetcarJared Smith, Parson Brinkerhoff
30C-Schaffer.pdf30C-SchafferC. Euclid Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Project - Transit Oriented DevelopmentJoseph L. Shaffer, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
collapse Topic : 31 - The Recent Legal Changes in Eminent Domain Law & the Effect on Acquiring Right-of-Way ‎(3)
31A-Teater.pdf31A-TeaterA. Background of Recent Legislative ChangesAndy Teater, Ohio DOT
31B-Maitland.pdf31B-MaitlandB. Changes to Acquisition Policy as a Result of Senate Bill 7Doug Maitland, Ohio DOT
31C-Teater.pdf31C-TeaterC. Changes to Relocation Policy and How These Changes Effect the PDP ProcessAndy Teater, Ohio DOT
collapse Topic : 32 - Bridges Making a Statement ‎(2)
32A-Bondi.pdf32A-BondiA. Context Sensitive Approach to a Conventional Concrete Box Beam BridgeRobert Bondi, Michael Baker, Jr.
32BB-DeFebo.pdf32BB-DeFeboB. Construction of the Susquehanna River BridgesLugene Keys, KCI Technologies, Inc.
collapse Topic : 33- Topics in Pipe Design and Rehabilitation ‎(3)
33A-Hughes_Thomas_Shanaa.pdf33A-Hughes_Thomas_ShanaaA. Culvert RehabilitationPanchy Arumugasaamy, Jamal Shanaa, and Jeremy Thomas, MS Consultants
33B-Baryluk_Kurdziel.pdf33B-Baryluk_KurdzielB. Impact of Trench Widths on Pipe Design and InstallationGreg Baryluk, Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
33D-Lepley.pdf33D-LepleyC. Restoration of 85-Year Old Stone Culvert and Clay-tiled Arch Culvert in the City of Greensboro, NCDonald Lepley, Hanson Pipe and Products,
collapse Topic : 34 - Ohio as an Intermodal Logistics Hub for National and International Freight Movement ‎(4)
34A-Record.pdf34A-RecordA. Ohio’s Modal Trends in Context:  History and the FutureRick Record, R L Record LLC
34B-Mantero.pdf34B-ManteroB. Ohio’s Role as an International Inland PortVincent Mantero, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
34C-Biehl_Kasper_Allison.pdf34C-Biehl_Kasper_AllisonC. Recognizing Opportunities for Multi-modal Freight DistributionJ. William Biehl, Hull & Associates, Inc.
34D-Bucklew.pdf34D-BucklewD. I-70 Corridor of the Future:  Dedicated Truck Lanes Feasibility Study for MO, IL, IN, Ohio DOTsKeith Bucklew, Indiana DOT
collapse Topic : 35 - Safety Toolbox for the 21st Century ‎(4)
35A-Wemple.pdf35A-WempleA. The New Highway Safety ManualElizabeth Ann Wemple, Kittelson & Assoc.
35B-Hughes.PDF35B-HughesB. Safety Analysis SoftwareJonathon Hughes, Ohio DOT
35C-Dimaiuta.pdf35C-DimaiutaC. Interactive Highway Safety Design ModelMichael Dimaiuta, LENDIS Corp.
35D-Knebel.pdf35D-KnebelD. Creative Safety Countermeasures for Your ToolboxScott Knebel, LJB, Inc.
collapse Topic : 36- Professional Development Skills Mini-training ‎(1)
36ABCD.pdf36ABCDA. Taking the Mystery out of the Selection Process; B. Kickoff Meetings; C. How to Make a Winning Presentation; D. Making Your Project Successful; and E. Panel DiscussionA. Michael Kubek, Ohio DOT District 12; B. Steve Wilson, Michael Baker Jr.; C.Suzann Rhodes, Wilbur Smith; D. Ralph Trepal, Wilbur Smith; Lloyd MacAdam, Ohio DOT District 11 and Lyle Flower, Ohio DOT Contracts
collapse Topic : 37 - Follow the Money – What’s Available, What’s New, and Who’s Got the $$$ ‎(3)
37A-Miller.pdf37A-MillerA. Governor’s Strickland’s Economic Stimulus Package – What’s in it for Transportation ProjectsMike Miller, Ohio Public Works Commission
37B-Ray.pdf37B-RayB. ODOT Finance and FundsJulie Ray, Ohio DOT
37C-Campbell.pdf37C-CampbellC. TRAC State ReportSteve Campbell, Ohio DOT
collapse Topic : 38 - Advancing the Use of M-E PDG for Pavement Design ‎(4)
39A-Mallela.pdf39A-MallelaA. Summary of Ohio DOT’s Research Project for Implementing NCHRP 1-37A M-E Design Procedure in OhioJag Mallela, ARA-ERES
39B-Ayers.pdf39B-AyersB. Design Features Catalog to Complement the M-E PDGMike Ayers, American Concrete Pavement Assoc
39C-Fuller.pdf39C-FullerC. St. Louis County, Missouri Route 367, Freeway ConversionKevin Fuller, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
39D-Timm.pdf39D-TimmD. Comparing PerRoad and the M-E PDGDavid Timm, Auburn University
collapse Topic : 38 - DIGGS:  Setting the Standard for Geotechnical Management & Data (for Users) ‎(3)
38A-Lefchik.pdf38A-LefchikA. An Introduction to DIGGSThomas Lefchik, P.E, Federal Highway Administration
38B-Power.pdf38B-PowerB. DIGGS and Geotechnical Management in the United KingdomDr Chris Power, Mott MacDonald, United Kingdom
38C-Turner.pdf38C-TurnerC. The Cosmos/Peer-Ll Geotechnical Virtual Data CenterLoren Turner, P.E., California DOT
collapse Topic : 40 - 2008 Construction & Materials Specs. and ODOT’s New Policy Discussion ‎(1)
40A-Middleton_Jessberger.pdf40A-Middleton_JessbergerA. Major Changes to the 2008 Specification BookBob Jessberger, Clint Bishop, and Gary Middleton, Ohio DOT


Wednesday, October 29, 2008



 Wed., 8:30 - 10:00 a.m.

collapse Topic : 41 - Intercity Passenger Rail Development ‎(3)
41A-Schaevitz.pdf41A-SchaevitzA. The California High-Speed Train ProjectRobert Schaevitz, URS Corporation
41B-Damron.pdf41B-DamronB. Passenger Rail Development in Ohio and the MidwestDon Damron, Ohio Rail Development Commission
41C-Nicholson.pdf41C-NicholsonC. The Critical Need for Action at the Federal LevelStu Nicholson, Ohio Rail Development Commission
collapse Topic : 42 - In-Place Improvement of Pavement ‎(2)
42A-Ruehl.pdf42A-RuehlA. Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) Full Depth ReclamationPaul Ruehl, LaFarge North America
42B-Pesho.pdf42B-PeshoB. Full Depth ReclamationRay Pesho, Cem-Base, Inc.
collapse Topic : 43 - Turning Concrete and Asphalt into Dollars and Jobs ‎(3)
43A-Weisbrod.pdf43A-WeisbrodA. Measuring Economic Development Performance for Transportation Investments – The State of the ArtGlen Weisbrod, Economic Development Research Group, Inc.
43B-Jarnik.pdf43B-JarnikB. Prioritizing Projects Based on Economic Development PotentialDale Janik, Wilbur Smith Associates
43C-Ward.pdf43C-WardC. Ohio DOT Approaches to Evaluating the Economic Benefits of Transportation ProjectsHoward Wood, Ohio DOT
collapse Topic : 44 - How Local Projects Reach Multi-modal Transportation in Ohio ‎(4)
44A-Lane.pdf44A-LaneA. What’s New with Local-let ProjectsRandy Lane, Ohio DOT
44B-Pera.pdf44B-PeraB. Toledo Lucas County Marina Ferry TerminalBrian Pera, Toledo County Port Authority
44C-Drake.pdf44C-DrakeC. Wellsville Intermodal Facility River/RailTracy Drake, Columbiana County Port Authority
44D-Riebesel.pdf44D-RiebeselD. Bike Path Projects in Northwest OhioRick Riebesel, Ohio DOT
collapse Topic : 45 - Project Case Studies ‎(4)
45A-Breikhin_Gautam.pdf45A-Breikhin_GautamA. State Route 8 and I-271 Interchange: Geotechnical Challenges and ExperienceAlexandre Bredikhin, Ohio DOT and Vikram Gautam, URS Corporation
45B-Merklin.pdf45B-MerklinB. GUE-22 Rockfall RemediationChristopher Merklin, Ohio DOT
45C-Barrett.pdf45C-BarrettC1. Innovations in Landslide Remediation and Bridge ConstructionBob Barrett, Soil Nail Launcher Inc.
45C-Barrett2.pdf45C-Barrett2C2. Innovations in Landslide Remediation and Bridge ConstructionBob Barrett, Soil Nail Launcher Inc.
collapse Topic : 46 - Unique Bridge Issues ‎(2)
46B-Brayshaw_Mary.pdf46B-Brayshaw_MaryB. Total Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bridge SuperstructureStephen Mary, Thomas Brayshaw, and Scott Reeve, Hamilton County Engineers Office
46C-Henderson.pdf46C-HendersonC. Rapid Bridge Design Methods: Two Successful Case StudiesMark Henderson, LJB Inc.
collapse Topic : 47 - OUPS and Gas Line Location Issues - What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You ‎(2)
47A-Gillespie.pdf47A-GillespieA. Why Dial 811? The Changes in the Ohio One Call SystemGeorge Gillespie, Ohio Utilities Protection Service
47B-Zembillas.pdf47B-ZembillasB. What New with SUENick Zembillas, TBE Group, Inc.
collapse Topic : 48 - ITS – From Planning to Operations, Part I ‎(3)
48A-Hedden.pdf48A-HeddenA. Traffic Operations Infrastructure Planning – Wisconsin DOT's Structured ApproachChristopher Hedden, Cambridge Systematics
48B-Saylor_Gray.pdf48B-Saylor_GrayB. Designing on a Dime – The Evolution of ITS DesignGeorge Saylor, Ohio DOT and John Gray, DMJM Harris 1 AECOM
48C-Zavattero.pdf48C-ZavatteroC. The Chicago Traffic Management Authority: Integrating Traffic Management, Emergency Management, and Public SafetyDavid Zavattero, City of Chicago
collapse Topic : 49 - Load Rating of Bridges: Why, Where and How ‎(2)
49A-Bridges.pdf49A-BridgesA. Load Rating of Culverts and Other Small BridgesShay Burrows, FHWA
49A-Waheed.pdf49A-WaheedB. Why and When to Load BridgesAmjad Waheed, Ohio DOT

 Wed., 10:30 a.m. - 12 Noon

collapse Topic : 50 - The Transportation Profession:  Observations and Tips for Students from Transportation Engineers ‎(3)
50A-Fitch.pdf50A-FitchA. Student Session: The Transportation ProfessionMike Fitch, Ohio DOT
50B-Foreman.pdf50B-ForemanB. Morse Road/US 62 RoundaboutStacey Forman, TranSystems Corp.
50D-Stadler.pdf50D-StadlerD. Columbus Road Lift Bridge, Cleveland, OhioNancy Lyon Stadler, Michael Baker Jr. Inc
collapse Topic : 51 - Bridge Vulnerability ‎(3)
51A-Sarma.pdf51A-SarmaA. Vulnerability of Older Steel Bridges due to the Movement of Heavier TrucksKamal Chandra Sarma, Barr & Prevost
51B-Russell.pdf51B-RussellB. The de la Concorde Overpass Collapse – Lesson to be LearnedMichael Russell, Wilbur Smith Associates
51C-Kent_Bell.pdf51C-Kent_BellC. Inspection & Evaluation of Unique Pier Cap Cracking of William Powell Bridge over Biscayne Bay in Miami-Dade County, FLDaniel Kent, and Bradley Bell, Gannett Fleming
collapse Topic : 52 - Alternate Contracting Methods used on Construction Projects ‎(2)
52A-Engle_Yancer.pdf52A-Engle_YancerA. Design Build of the Foundations for US 60 Bridge over the Tennessee RiverRick Engle, E.L. Robinson Engineering and Gary Yancer, C.J. Mahan Construction
52B-Elguezabul.pdf52B-ElguezabulB. IHNC Hurrican Protection Project, Bernard Parish, LADom Elguezabul, HNTB Federal Services Corporation
collapse Topic : 53 - Context Sensitivity for Multi-modal Transportation Projects ‎(4)
53A-Burton.pdf53A-BurtonA. Incorporating Multi-modality in Corridor Revitalization ProjectsKimberly Burton and L. Bert Cossaboon,
53B-Mohammadi.pdf53B-MohammadiB. Creating a Context Culture for Multi-modal Transportation SolutionsKaren Mohammadi, Smith and Partners
53C-Eckner.pdf53C-EcknerC. Planning in Context - The Euclid Corridor In Cleveland, OHRon Eckner, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency
53D-Schipper.pdf53D-SchipperD. Planning in Context - The Euclid Corridor In Cleveland, OHMikael Schipper, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
collapse Topic : 54 - Improved Foundations for Pavements, Part II ‎(2)
54A-Giroud.pdf54A-GiroudA. Unpaved Road Design Methods, Development and ApplicationsJ.P. Giroud, JP Giroud, Inc.
54B-Henry.pdf54B-HenryB. Structural Improvement of Flexible Pavements Using GeosyntheticsKaren Henry, Air Force Academy
collapse Topic : 55 - Creating a Community Mobility Plan ‎(3)
55A-Karpoor.pdf55A-KarpoorA. Community Mobility Planning – A Cross-disciplinary Approach to Transportation PlanningDilip Karpoor, MORPC
55B-Stewart.pdf55B-StewartB. Neighborhood Multi-modal Planning: The Franklinton Community Mobility PlanTerry Stewart, City of Columbus
55C-Creasey.pdf55C-CreaseyC. Multi-modal Level of Service for Urban StreetsF. Thomas Creasey, ENTRAN, PLC
collapse Topic : 56 - Public Private Partnerships – Intermodal Transportation Success Stories ‎(3)
56A-Graham.pdf56A-GrahamA. The Marion Industrial Center of Graham Investments, Schneider Trucking and CSXTed Graham, Marion Industrial Center
56B-Haybarker.pdf56B-HaybarkerB. P3 Project FeasibilityKirk Haybarker for Grant Holland, Babcock and Brown LP
56C-Langenderfer_Fleischman_Dolynchuk.pdf56C-Langenderfer_Fleischman_DolynchukC. Redevelopment, Brownfields, Infrastructure, and Waterways – What a lovely combination for public-private partnershipsAndrew Langenderfer,  Jeff Fleischman and John Dolynchuk, Tetra Tech
collapse Topic : 57 - ITS – From Planning to Operations, Part II ‎(3)
57A-Benda.pdf57A-BendaA. Traffic and Incident Management System (TIMS) at the Illinois TollwayJohn Benda, Illinois State Toll High Authority
57B-Shamo.pdf57B-ShamoB. Improving STOP! – A New Diagnostic Approach for Quickly Remedying the Red Light Running Safety ProblemDaniel Shamo, URS Corporation
57C-Voorhies.pdf57C-VoorhiesC. TrafficMAP – Indiana DOT’s ITS Performance Measure Management SystemKenneth Voorhies, Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

 Wed., 2:15 p.m - various end times

collapse Topic : 59 - Maintaining and Preserving Bridge Deck using Hydro-demolition and Concrete Overlays ‎(2)
59A-Liberati.pdf59A-LiberatiA1. Maintaining and Preserving Bridge DecksEdward Liberati, Hydro-Technologies, Inc.
59A-Liberati (pt2).pdf59A-Liberati (pt2)A2. Maintaining and Preserving Bridge DecksEdward Liberati, Hydro-Technologies, Inc.
collapse Topic : 60 - Climate Change and Sustainable Transportation ‎(3)
60A-Hill.pdf60A-HillA. ODOT’s Plan for Sustainable TransportationTimothy Hill, Ohio DOT
60C-Bergman.pdf60C-BergmanC. Ohio EPA and Climate ChangeDrew Bergman, Ohio EPA
60D-Hammett.pdf60D-HammettD. Sustainable Transportation – “Planning done with a carrot vs a stick”Ed Hammett, Ohio Lake Erie Commission
collapse Topic : 61 - Data on the Run ‎(1)
61A-Lee.pdf61A-LeeA. Data on the RunKunik Lee, Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
collapse Topic : 62 - Perspectives on Older Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges Symposium ‎(4)
62A-Gasparini.pdf62A-GaspariniA. Why Some Old Reinforced Concrete Bidges Merit RehabilitationDario Gasparini, Case Western Reserve University
62B-Sparks.pdf62B-SparksB. When is it Too Far Gone - How to Diagnosis Reinforced ConcretePatrick Sparks, Sparks Engineering, Inc.
62C-Gottemoeller.pdf62C-GottemoellerC. How to Approach Design of a Replacement for a Historic BridgeFrederick Gottemoeller, Bridgescape, LLC
62D-Harshbarger.pdf62D-HarshbargerD. Rehab or Replace - The Historians' Perspective on Winning Every TimeJ. Patrick Harshbarger, TranSystems I Lichtenstein
collapse Topic : 63 - Development Intermodal Transportation at Rickenbacker: A Case Study ‎(3)
63A-Schneider.pdf63A-SchneiderA. Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal & Logistics Park: A Case Study in Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefi ts of Intermodal TransportationAndrew Schneider, TranSystems Corporation
63B-Gotschall.pdf63B-GotschallB. Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal & Logistics Park: A Case Study in Engineering and Design Related Issues and Lessons LearnedDavid Gotschall, Columbus Regional Airport Authority
63C-Grow.pdf63C-GrowC. Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal & Logistics Park: A Case Study in Multi-agency Coordination and FundingJohn Grow, TranSystems