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bmv_logo.jpgIn Ohio, vehicle and driver issues are handled by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Motor Vehicles (ODPS, BMV).

Links to BMV information: BMV Home Page | OPLATES Ohio BMV's Official Online Renewal Site | Listing of BMV Locations | Obtaining or renewing a Drivers License or ID | Commercial Drivers License (CDL) | Motor Vehicle Registration  Title Information

Please contact the BMV Registrar or the ODPS Webmaster directly with other related questions or for more information not covered in their Web site.
TruckingIssues regarding commercial motor carrier vehicles, DOT and ICC registration numbers, safety issues, and hazardous materials, are administered at a state level by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)'s Transportation Department and at the federal level by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) division of the U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT).  Please consult the PUCO and FMCSA links for more information and assistance with motor carrier/trucking related matters.

Medical Waiver info:  Bureau of Motor Vehicles' CDL page section on Medical Waivers | PUCO's Medical Exam and Medical Waiver Page | FMCSA-Resources for Drivers Page
Trucking & Commercial Motor Carrier Information
Ohio TurnpikeThe Ohio Turnpike (variously I-76, I-80 and I-80/I-90) is a toll road and is operated and maintained by the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission -- an agency that is separate and independent of ODOT.

Ohio Turnpike Links:   Turnpike Home Page | Fare Schedule | Turnpike Construction | Comments/Complain/Contact info
Ohio Turnpike
State SystemODOT is involved in the planning, building and maintenance of the transportation infrastructure within the state of Ohio.  One of ODOT's main responsibilities is the 'State System' of roads, which include State, U.S. and Interstate Routes.  While the state system represents a considerable number of roadway miles throughout the state, local roads (county, township, city streets, etc.) -- and certain responsibilities on some state system roadways -- are handled by local county, township and municipal authorities.

ODOT's 12 district offices are familiar with local jurisdictional boundaries and are a good source for clarification and contact information as to the appropriate local ODOT garage or other local agency with authority over specific locations. Use the ODOT District Map and Contact Information to identify and contact your local ODOT office.
ODOT Road Responsibility
PatchingPlease use the Report a Roadway Defect or Damage Incident and Court of Claims Information Page if you want to report a pothole or other roadway problem and/or have had damage to your vehicle on a 'State System' roadway (please see the definition of 'State System' roadway listed with the form).
Vehicle Damage or Roadway Defect (Potholes, Debris, etc.)
MapODOT provides state maps free of charge. Use the Map Order Page to request a map.  Other types and formats of maps are available;  visit ODOT's Map Page for more.

Detailed individual county maps are produced and distributed through each of Ohio's 88 County Engineers Offices.   Use the County Engineers Association of Ohio Links Page for contact information on ordering local county-level maps.  ODOT does not centrally collect or distribute these maps.
Order Map
If your question, item of concern, or feedback is not covered by the above categories please use this
to submit your comments to ODOT for consideration.  Items of specific and/or localized nature will be referred to the appropriate district offices or other departmental office for attention and response.
Submit Feedback Form

SafetyODOT emphasizes a focus on safety in the workplace, on the construction site, and with the traveling public to assure ZERO tolerance for any safety hazard. The department appreciates your help in identifying and reporting unsafe locations and situations. 

Please call 911 immediately to report any and all pressing emergency situations and life-threatening hazards directly to emergency services.

To bring other safety issues to ODOT's attention, please use the Feedback Form below, or contact your local ODOT District Office. Thank you for your help in making Ohio's transportation system safer!

Report Safety Concerns and Hazards

ODOT's Special Hauling Permits Section
: (614) 351-2300
Details, regulations and links for Special Hauling Permits for Overweight, Oversized Vehicles and Loads.
For common questions regarding special hauling permits topics, visit the Special Hauling Permits' FAQs Page

Permits, Special Hauling Permits

Motorcycle Links:
 Motorcycle Ohio: the premier motorcycle safety and education program in the state

Bicycle and Pedestrian Links:

ODOT Bike & Pedestrian Program: includes links to Bi/Ped training, design, and Ohio bikeways map and listing​

bikeMotorcycleReport bike and motorcycle traffic signal detection and roadway condition issues:
Use the feedback form below; or
send an email to bike.report@dot.state.oh.us or call (614) 387-0722  
Moto Bike and Ped

ODOT is committed to promoting and supporting high standards of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion in the transportation infrastructure workforce through our Division of Opportunity Diversity and Inclusion.  For information on ODOT’s Title VI and Non-discrimination programs, please click here.

Title VI, Non-Discrimination and Diversity at ODOT
PatchingPlease use the Report a Roadway Defect or Damage Incident and Court of Claims Information Page if you want to report a pothole or other roadway problem and/or have had damage to your vehicle on a 'State System' roadway (please see the definition of 'State System' roadway in the listing above).
Vehicle Damage or Roadway Defect - Potholes, Debris, etc. SC