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These documents can be dowloaded, localized and used in your district or community to promote road safety.

 Every Move Branding

66 KB
Every Move You Make Logo AI.ai
195 KB
Every Move You Make Logo EMF.emf
14 KB
Every Move You Make Logo GIF.gif
18 KB
Every Move You Make Logo PDF.pdf
218 KB

 School Safety Campaign Materials

Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids.pdfBicycle Safety Tips for Kids680 KB
Bicycle Safety Tips for Parents.pdfBicycle Safety Tips for Parents496 KB
School Safety Rally Script.docxSchool Safety Rally Script23 KB
Song Lyrics.pdfSong Lyrics151 KB
SRTS Activity Sheets.pdfSRTS Activity Sheets1904 KB
SRTS District by District List.pdfSRTS District by District List182 KB
SRTS EMYM Fact Sheet.docxSRTS EMYM Fact Sheet274 KB
SRTS Fast Facts.pdfSRTS Fast Facts153 KB
SRTS Lesson Ideas.pdfSRTS Lesson Ideas426 KB
SRTS Letter to the Editor Template.docxSRTS Letter to the Editor Template89 KB
SRTS Media Advisory Template.docxSRTS Media Advisory Template272 KB
SRTS Media Pitch Letter.docxSRTS Media Pitch Letter91 KB
SRTS Message Map.docxSRTS Message Map170 KB
SRTS News Release Template.docxSRTS News Release Template273 KB
SRTS Program Outline.docSRTS Program Outline79 KB
SRTS Projects State Map.pdfSRTS Projects State Map4502 KB
SRTS Student Ambassador Fact Sheet.docxSRTS Student Ambassador Fact Sheet990 KB
SRTS StudentTipCard.pdfSRTS StudentTipCard351 KB
SRTS Top Student Messages.pdfSRTS Top Student Messages159 KB
SRTS Travel Tips Card.pdfSRTS Travel Tips Card718 KB
SRTS_Lesson Guide_Grades 3-5_Web.pdfSRTS_Lesson Guide_Grades 3-5_Web3295 KB
SRTS_Lesson Guide_Grades 6-8_Web.pdfSRTS_Lesson Guide_Grades 6-8_Web1556 KB
SRTS_Lesson Guide_Grades K-2_Web.pdfSRTS_Lesson Guide_Grades K-2_Web1480 KB
Srts_Quiz 10+.pdfSrts_Quiz 10+387 KB
Srts_Quiz 7-9.pdfSrts_Quiz 7-9312 KB
Srts_Quiz4-6.pdfSrts_Quiz4-6764 KB
STRS ODOT Ambassador Release Template.docxSTRS ODOT Ambassador Release Template82 KB
Student Poster 11x17.pdfStudent Poster 11x17152 KB

 Walk to School Month

Program Outline.docx
250 KB
Travel Tips Around Schools Tip Card.pdf
721 KB
News Release Template.docx
283 KB
Fact Sheet Template.docx
286 KB
Media Pitch Example.docx
218 KB
PSA Scripts.docx
233 KB
Social Media Messages.docx
246 KB
471 KB
471 KB
471 KB
471 KB


114 KB
27 KB
285 KB
290 KB
608 KB
363 KB
882 KB
Intersection_Roadway Crash Summary.pdf
156 KB
14 KB
27 KB
29 KB
1175 KB
1176 KB

 Distracted Driver Simulator

DDS Program Overview.docx
29 KB
DDS Nationwide Sponsorship.docx
29 KB
DDS News Release Template.docx
284 KB
Requesting Simulator.docx
30 KB
Simulator instructions dVT3 Installation Procedures  rev 10.10.pdf
1332 KB
LX29-38 Installation 6 11.pdf
831 KB
Simulator 2 Checkout List.docx
27 KB
Simulator 2 Display Set Up.docx
1271 KB
Simulator 2 Operating Instructions.docx
286 KB
Simulator 2 Packing Instructions.docx
586 KB

By working together on a grassroots basis, we can all make a difference in many lives. Thanks for all you do to bring these programs to your community.

Campaign Goals

Every Move You Make – Keep It Safe
Our overall aim is to save lives.

Roadway Safety
To reduce roadway fatalities by 5% by 2015, saving 150 lives through the 4Es – Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Emergency response.

Safe Routes to School
To teach Ohio school students how to walk and ride their bikes to school safely.

Most Valuable Player (MVP) Recognition
ODOT will recognize outstanding district support for these programs through a “Most Valuable Player” awards luncheon to be held in June 2012. To have your work considered for recognition, be sure to complete a MVP Reporting Form to keep us updated on your progress. Winners will be notified in May 2012.

Contact Us
We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to ask questions or share ideas with ODOT Program Managers. For Roadway Safety, email Michelle May. For Safe Routes to School, email Julie Walcoff.