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Intersections Can Be Dangerous Places

Intersections are a small part of the highway system but are the location of a vast majority of crashes.  Half of all crashes in cities take place in intersections, and crashes tend to happen most often between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

Cause of intersection crashes
It should come as no surprise that driver error is the key factor in intersection crashes. The most common driving mistakes?  Driving too close to the vehicle ahead and failing to yield to another car that has the right of way.


Intersection Safety Crash Statistics (2007-2011)

 Intersection Related Crashes (2007 - 2011) (map)

Intersection Crash Outcomes
OUTCOME Urban Rural Total
Fatalities 687  740 1,427 




TOTAL CRASHES 432,727 136,680



  Tips For Driving Safely In Intersections 

  1. Pay special attention when approaching intersections.
  2. Stay alert, avoid distractions.
  3. Drive defensively.
  4. Stay in your lane.
  5. Even with a green light, look both ways before entering intersection.
  6. Finish your turn in the correct lane.
  7. Don’t try to beat red light.
  8. Maintain a safe stopping distance between you and the car ahead. The recommended following distance is a minimum of one car length for every 10 mph. 
  9. Always use your blinker to signal your turn.
  10. Don’t speed up to get through a yellow light. Yellow lights mean proceed with caution, not speed up to get through the intersection. Always stop on yellow light if you can do so safely.