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Safety Tips for Motorists
Motorists in OhioThe Ohio Department of Public Safety reports that more than 300,000 Ohio drivers were in a roadway crash in 2010.  The majority of these crashes occurred because of driver error with unsafe speeds, losing control of vehicles and alcohol-impairment reported as the primary reasons.
  Be a SAFE Motorist 
  1. Obey all traffic laws and always wear a seat belt.
  2. Expect bikes and motorcycles on the road, and pedestrians in crosswalks.
  3. Wait until it is safe to pass bicyclists.
  4. Give bikes at least three feet when passing.
  5. It is legal to cross a double yellow line to pass a slow-moving vehicle – if you have sufficient clearance.
  6. Stop for pedestrians.
  7. Do not block crosswalks or driveways.
  8. Look for bicyclists when opening car doors.
  9. Don’t honk your horn at bicyclists.
  10. Watch for children, especially around schools, playgrounds, buses and in neighborhoods.