Evaluation and Design of a TL-3 Bridge Guardrail System Mounted to Steel Fascia Beams

Start Date: January 5, 2015
End Date: May 5, 2017

Researcher: Researcher: Dr. Chuck Plaxico, RoadSafe LLC

Project Completed

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For structures with concrete bridge decks, the railing system is typically connected to the deck. However, for bridges on Ohio's local road system, non-concrete bridge decks (e.g. timber, asphalt filled steel stay-in-place forms, fiber reinforced composite, etc.) are very common and require the railing connection to be located on the fascia beam. Although this fascia mounted system is performing well on the local system, a crash tested version is not available and it is ineligible for use on federal aid projects. Research is needed to evaluate and, if necessary, improve the design of a bridge guardrailing system with steel bridge posts mounted to steel fascia beams.

The goal of this two-phased research project is to analyze and design a steel fascia beam mounted railing system for use on Ohio's local transportation system. The objective is to obtain MASH TL-3 approval of the designed system to allow for its use on federal aid and credit bridge projects.  Since the connection would occur at the beam as opposed to the deck, the application of the system would be suitable with a myriad of bridge deck types.  The ability to utilize materials other than concrete for bridge decks results in substantial cost savings for locals.  Furthermore, the use of an approved railing system will enhance the overall safety of the traveling public and confidence in Ohio's local transportation system.

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