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John MacAdam, P.E.

John MacAdam has worked in ODOT's Office of Traffic Engineering since 2005. He was initially involved in ITS planning as ODOT prepared their six major Freeway Management Systems. John developed contraflow evacuation plans for Ohio’s major metropolitan areas. He assisted in launching a Quick Clear program for ODOT and was a member of the committee that trained local responders. He completed an Interchange Modification Study in partnership with the City of Akron. John assisted in the development of numerous safety studies and is a member of ODOT's safety app review committee. John organized and led the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) Part 6 Revision Committee. John supervised a group of 25 interns as part of an asset management inventory update project, responsible for logging the 5,612 miles of barrier maintained by ODOT. John recently developed a snow and ice recovery program as part of ODOT’s critical success factors. John is a proud husband, father, church board member and general techie.

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