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ORIL Process Overview
From Research Ideas to Research Projects

How does ORIL turn research ideas from Ohio local agencies into active research projects that address transportation challenges? Listed below are several highlighted steps from ORIL’s annual process going from research idea generation through project development.

  • September/October: Solicitation for Research Ideas
    Ohio local agencies are invited to submitted ideas for possible research projects that relate to ORIL’s Research Focus Areas.

  • November/December: ORIL Board Review and Prioritization of Research Ideas
    Ideas submitted to ORIL are evaluated by the Board based on the alignment with ORIL's strategic research plan, potential benefits of the proposed research and potential application of research.

  • January/February: Development of Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
    For research ideas selected via the review/evaluation process, the ORIL Board works with the idea submitter and subject matter experts (as needed) to develop Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

  • March/April: Solicitation of Research Proposals
    Researchers are invited to submit project proposals in response to the RFPs.

  • May/June: Selection of Research Proposals
    The ORIL Board reviews and evaluates the submitted proposals to select the research proposals to be funded. As the contract administrator for ORIL, ODOT’s Research Section negotiates with the researchers to finalize the scope, budget and contract details in order to proceed with the work.

As ORIL’s first year of this program cycle moves forward during the second half of 2013, this page of the website will be updated to provide instructions and forms for submitting research ideas per the first step listed above. Please refer back to this page for additional information to be posted by August.



​​Michelle Lucas
Statewide Planning & Research
(614) 644-8135

Vicky Fout
Statewide Planning & Research
Office of Research
(614) 466-3029

Mike Fitch, P.E.
Local Programs
Local Technical Assistance Program
(614) 387-7358


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