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Ohio Department of Transportation Internet News Release


Governor Announces Transit Project Funds

Columbus Governor Bob Taft today announced nearly $12 million will be allocated among 44 transit systems, 28 rural and 15 urban, throughout the state of Ohio. This funding, from the Ohio Department of Transportations Transit Discretionary Capital Program, will be used for the purchase and replacement of vehicles and to construct transit and multi-modal centers, park and ride lots, as well as maintenance and office facilities. 

Public transportation is a vital resource used by many members of Ohios neighborhoods and communities, said Taft. It enables individuals who do not have access to a reliable form of transportation to travel to places such as employment, doctor appointments and work-related events. 

Through the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), the most recent federal transportation budget bill, the level of federal transit dollars available to Ohios transit systems increased. 

As a result of the increased federal funds, Ohios General Assembly provided ODOT an additional $9 million, annually for the next two years. This additional state funding enables Ohios public transit systems to match federal funding available through TEA-21. During the next two years, ODOT will provide $12 million annually - the additional $9 million from the Ohio Legislature and $3 million existing in the Transit Discretionary Capital Program to transit systems in Ohio.

 These grants will help our transit systems to continue providing safe and dependable service to its patrons, said Taft. 

This year, ODOT received requests for 91 projects seeking more than $35 million in state funds to match the additional federal transit funds provided through TEA-21.

 Since 1973, ODOT has overseen the provision of public transportation services to Ohio citizens. During that time the department has awarded more than $500 million in funding to communities throughout the state.