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Ohio Department of Transportation Internet News Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 15, 2000

Applications Available for Transportation Enhancement Funds

COLUMBUS Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Gordon Proctor today announced applications are available for two Transportation Enhancement programs, the Rural Program and the Bicycle/Pedestrian Program. These programs help preserve historic transportation sites, scenically enhance local roadways, and add pedestrian and bicycle paths throughout Ohio. 

Enhancement projects provide more than public beautification, said Proctor. They help promote growth, economic development and foster goodwill throughout our communities. 

The Rural Program is divided into three categories: historic and archaeological, scenic and environmental, and bicycle and pedestrian. Funding for the program is available only to local governments and park districts whose projects are located outside the boundaries of a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). MPOs are designated for each Ohio urbanized area, and are responsible for developing the transportation plans, programs and projects that will best meet the areas needs. The Bicycle/Pedestrian Program, however, is considered to be a statewide program, in that, a local jurisdiction or park district located inside or outside the boundaries of an MPO may apply for funding. 

ODOT will provide up to 80 percent of the cost of construction or implementation of a project; the remaining 20 percent must be provided by the local sponsor. These projects must have a direct relationship to the surface transportation system, which includes highway, rail and public transportation. The department encourages activities that enhance planned transportation projects still to be completed. 

Under the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), the most recent federal transportation budget bill, states are required to set aside at least 10 percent of its Surface Transportation Program funds for enhancement projects. The program was designed to creatively integrate transportation facilities into their surrounding communities and the natural environment. 

For both programs, citizen groups or private organizations may sponsor projects by coordinating with, and making applications to ODOT through their local government. 

To obtain an application for funding please contact Linda Bailiff Piar, ODOT administrator for the Office of Local Assistance, at (614) 752-4686, or click here to download the application online (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free below.) Applications will be made available Tuesday, February 15, 2000, and are due by Thursday, June 15, 2000.