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Ohio Department of Transportation Internet News Release


ODOT Constructs 75 Projects Under Warranty

COLUMBUS Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Gordon Proctor today announced 75 of the departments projects this construction season will contain warranties requiring contractors to guarantee their work and materials.

"The move to warranties began last year when members of the General Assembly enacted legislation requiring some materials and techniques be guaranteed in an attempt to provide drivers with better roadways," said Proctor. "Warranties have been used in the past on select projects, but not to the extent the department is currently undertaking."

This year, the department will incorporate the use of warranties, innovative materials and innovative contracting techniques into its practices. In doing so, the life of Ohios bridges and the multi-lane system is expected to be extended, and require minimal maintenance.

"During the development of the warranty guidelines, we worked closely with industry representatives," said Proctor. "We realize there are certain items beyond the control of the contractors, such as regulating illegally overweight trucks and contending with unknown subsurface conditions, which they will not be held accountable for."

Materials protected by warranties include asphalt and concrete pavements, bridge decks and striping. Major projects under warranty this year include new asphalt pavement on Interstate 70 in Franklin County, new concrete pavement on Interstate 76 in Summit County and construction of a new bridge deck on Interstate 271 in Cuyahoga County.

Under the new law, at least 20 percent of the departments total projects and 10 percent of the departments construction budget must be warranted for the next two years. New construction will be warranted for at least seven years, resurfacing and rehabilitation for at least five years. Of the $1.1 billion construction budget, $200 million is being spent on warranty projects.

At the end of this year, ODOT will present a report to the General Assembly reviewing projects currently under warranty. It will include the departments comparison of technique, cost and quality with regard to warranted versus unwarranted projects, as well as provide further recommendations for the use of warranties.

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