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ODOT Schedules Rail Crossing Safety Initiative Meeting


The Rail Crossing Safety Committee will hold its second meeting to continue the development of scoring criteria for ranking local requests for rail crossings. The committee will consist of ODOT Director Gordon Proctor, and current Transportation Review Advisory Council members Jerry Hruby, Donald Jakeway and Charles Gerhardt.

Governor Taft recently announced the $200 million, 10-year program to provide railroad grade separations for communities most affected by increased train traffic as a result of the recent acquisition of Conrail by the Norfolk Southern Corporation and CSX Transportation. To see the governor's press release on ODOT's Rail Crossing Safety Initiative, click here.


Tuesday, April 25, 2000
Beginning at 1 p.m..  Click here to see the agenda. 


The Ohio Department of Transportation
District Two Headquarters
317 East Poe Road
Bowling Green, Ohio


  • For informational/historical purposes only.