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    Ohio Department of Transportation Internet News Release

    Transportation and Community and System Preservation Pilot (TCSP) Program Workshop

    On September 14-15, 2000, the Federal Highway Administration and its U.S. Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency partners will host the second Transportation and Community and System Preservation Pilot (TCSP) Program Workshop in Washington, D.C. TCSP is a research and grant program under the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA 21) to fund innovative transportation strategies that enhance community preservation, environmental protection, and social equity. The workshop will bring together people with shared interests in transportation, environmental, and land use issues to learn the latest on the TCSP Program. Workshop participants will include representatives from U.S. DOT and other federal agencies; state and local governments; non-profits; national associations; and the private sector.  Some of the 119 current TCSP grantees will report on their progress and lessons learned.  U.S. DOT staff will provide TCSP program information, including how to apply.       

    Workshop topics may include how to:

            Coordinate metropolitan and statewide transportation planning; 

            Form effective partnerships;

            Leverage resources; 

            Encourage community involvement in transportation planning; and, 

            Evaluate results to provide insights for a national audience. 

     Additional information and registration materials are available at the TCSP web-site: http://tcsp-fhwa.volpe.dot.gov/new.html and by e-mail to: courtney@volpe.dot.gov