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    Ohio Department of Transportation Internet Media Advisory
    July 20, 2000

    ODOT Announces Railroad Grade Separation Program Policies and Procedures Manual

    Bowling Green Today, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Gordon Proctor and members of the Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) Subcommittee released the Railroad Grade Separation Programs draft Policies and Procedures Manual for public review and discussion.

    "The purpose of this manual is to provide communities with an overview of the program, information on how to nominate their project for consideration, and to explain the process that will be used by the committee to rank and select projects for funding," said Proctor. "It is our hope that during this review process the public will provide the committee with good suggestions."

    The manual outlines an initial screening process to determine the eligibility of a nominated project. Applications that meet the established criteria will be prioritized into an annual "class" of projects by the committee. Each year, these projects will be classified into three tiers. Tier I, projects to receive funding for construction; Tier II, further study of a project; and Tier III, no further development of the project. The ranking system is modeled after a similar process used by the TRAC, a selection committee that reviews and ranks Major New construction projects.

    "The development of the TRAC has enabled the department to effectively select and rank major construction projects," said Mike Ciotola, ODOTs rail grade separation program manager. "This practice will be continued through the Railroad Grade Separation Program. Projects which warrant immediate attention will receive priority status."

    Nearly 60 percent of funding for this initiative will be provided by ODOT. In some cases, railroad funds may be pooled with TRAC funds to provide a comprehensive community freight solution. Additional funds will be obtained from the Ohio legislature, railroads, local governments, as well as the federal government. The first set of projects will receive funding in 2001.

    Governor Taft announced the 200-million,10-year program to provide railroad grade separations to communities most affected by increased train traffic as a result of the recent acquisition of Conrail by the Norfolk Southern Railway Company and CSX Transportation, Incorporated.

    The public comment period for the manual is from Thursday, July 20 through Thursday, August 24, 2000. Copies of the manual can be obtained from Mike Ciotola, ODOTs rail grade separation program manager, or accessed on-line at: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/rgsp/default.htm

    Letters can be sent to: The Ohio Department of Transportation
    Attention: Mike Ciotola, Rail Grade Separation Program Manager
    1980 West Broad Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43223