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    Ohio Department of Transportation Internet News Release
    November 20, 2000


    Columbus - Today Ohio students and guidance counselors received information regarding aeronautical education and aviation careers at the fifth annual Aeronautical Career Day hosted by the Ohio Department of Transportation's (ODOT) Office of Aviation and the Ohio Council Aeronautical Education (OCAE), and sponsored by Executive Jet.

    "This day provides our youth a unique opportunity to learn about the careers available to them in the area of aeronautics," said ODOT Director Gordon Proctor. "Aviation is a growing field and this is a great way to educate students about what tools they need to prepare for this profession."

    Participants from across the state visited OSU Airport in Columbus where professionals discussed the diversity and magnitude of educational and career opportunities in the field of aeronautics. Additionally, member colleges and universities, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the military provided displays and representatives to discuss their academic programs and career choices with students and counselors. They also participated in workshops involving preflighting airplanes, physiology of flight, aerodynamic workshops, aircraft maintenance inspections and financial aid. 

    The OCAE is a working committee comprised of state colleges and universities in Ohio that offer aeronautical related degrees. The committee facilitates these educational efforts by providing a public forum in which they can be discussed and coordinated between the FAA, ODOT's Office of Aviation, and private Industry. 

    OCAE members involved in the career day included Bowling Green State University, Columbus State Community College, Kent State, Ohio University, University of Cincinnati, and the Ohio State University.