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Ohio Department of Transportation Internet News Release
August 3, 2001

The Ohio Department of Transportation Introduces Safety Awareness Exhibit At Ohio State Fair

Columbus- The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is encouraging Ohio State Fair attendees to visit its new interactive exhibit to learn lifesaving safety information about highway construction zones.

ODOT has created a new exhibit that reflects the departments commitment to safety, especially in the hundreds of construction zones around the state. Work zone safety is always a concern for ODOT. Every year, accidents occur in work zones resulting in serious injury and death. ODOTs goal is to educate people about the importance of obeying reduced speed limits, using extra caution and paying attention in an effort to reduce the number of accidents in construction zones.

"The state fair is an important opportunity to share our message about safety in the work zone with those traveling through the hundreds of work zones we build each year," said ODOT Director Gordon Proctor. "Safety in construction zones is a priority for us and we hope by educating people about the dangers and offering simple precautions they can follow in an effort to stay safe, we will save lives."

Every year in Ohio more than 1,800 people are injured or killed in construction zone crashes. The majority of those injured are motorists who are involved in accidents with other vehicles or construction equipment or barriers. Congress views the danger is a serious threat and is holding hearings to investigate means by which the numbers of fatalities can be decreased.

One of the highlights of ODOTs display is a new interactive feature, an enclosed tunnel outfitted with signs, barriers and equipment, like a real work zone. The tunnel includes an audio presentation of actors telling different stories from the work zone. Characters range from construction workers to truckers to children tell brief stories on the "Highway Radio Network" strongly urging caution and safety in the zone.

The ODOT exhibit is located in the northeast section of the Marketplace Building, directly across from the Celeste Center.