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Ohio Department of Transportation District 8 Internet News Release
May 07, 2008

Eggleston Avenue Ramp to Permanently Close

CINCINNATI - The Ohio Department of Transportation announced today the ramp from southbound Interstate 471 to Eggleston Avenue will permanently close to traffic on Saturday, January 26, 2002.

"The Eggleston Avenue ramp was constructed with one sole purpose: to alleviate traffic congestion while Fort Washington Way was under construction," said Mike Flynn, District 8 Deputy Director for the Ohio Department
of Transportation. "Since the ramp was designed for temporary access to the southeast portion of downtown, it does not meet federal design standards. The Federal Highway Administration approved construction of the Eggleston ramp on the condition that it would be temporary and would be closed following the completion of Fort Washington Way."

Flynn stated the Eggleston Avenue ramp also poses serious safety hazards if used on a long term basis:

The Eggleston exit ramp was designed to accommodate vehicles moving at slower rates of speed through a construction zone. The current ramp cannot safely handle vehicles traveling at normal, higher rates of speed.

The Eggleston ramp is located too close to the Liberty Street entrance ramp to I-471. There is not enough distance between the two ramps to allow traffic to safely change lanes.

The lanes on the Eggleston ramp are too short to store an adequate number of vehicles. This could result in backups on Interstate 471.

The ramp's design creates a sight distance problem for motorists.

The Eggleston Avenue ramp opened in July 1998 at a cost of $421, 632.