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Ohio Department of Transportation Internet News Release
April 26, 2002

ODOT Announces Scenic Byway Grants

COLUMBUS ODOT Director Gordon Proctor today announced two projects in Ohio were awarded funding through scenic byway grants from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Ohio's projects are among 136 in 38 states that will help recognize, preserve and enhance scenic roads and highways throughout the United States.

"These efforts to promote the scenic byways that span Ohio's landscape are important because these roads are not only a valuable part of the state's transportation system, but also have historical significance in the role they played in our nation's development," said Proctor.

National Scenic Byways Discretionary funds enable states to undertake eligible projects along highways designated as All-American Roads, National Scenic Byways and state-designated byways. Eligible under this program are planning projects to inventory, preserve and enhance the qualities of the byway, safety improvements, construction of bike and pedestrian facilities, development of visitor information such as brochures and interpretive facilities and scenic overlooks, resource protection such as scenic easements and byway marketing.

Ohio received $681,000 of $20 million available nationally through the program. The development and implementation of a statewide byway marketing plan will utilize $481,000, and the remaining $200,000 will be used to construct seven interpretive gazebo welcome centers along the Ohio Amish Country Byway in Holmes County.

The marketing plan, which will represent the 14 Ohio Scenic Byways, two of which are National Scenic Byways, will be a cooperative initiative of the Ohio Byway Links non-profit byway support organization and other partners. The statewide plan and individual byway plans are scheduled to be in place at the beginning of the Ohio Bicentennial year in 2003 with the implementation of priorities soon to follow.

The interpretive gazebo welcome centers will be located near major entry points of the Ohio Amish Country Byway and will provide information about Ohio's scenic byways and educational safety exhibits. The centers will promote the Ohio Scenic Byway theme "A Sunday Drive Any Day" and provide information about all current Ohio and National Scenic Byways.


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