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Ohio Department of Transportation Internet News Release
January 7, 2003

Ohio Roads Wired With Pavement Sensors, Weather Stations

COLUMBUS The Ohio Department of Transportation will soon be able to report road and weather conditions to motorists in every corner of the state once it installs 88 wireless weather stations -one in each county - and more than 160 pavement sensors on Ohios roads.

The weather stations and sensors are located along interstates, U.S. routes and state routes. They continuously report information such as temperature, precipitation and visibility. "These sensors give us an accurate, real-time look at our transportation system and allow us to quickly respond to incidents," ODOT Director Gordon Proctor said.

ODOT RWIS Coordinator Abner Johnson said, "Not only is this a cost-benefit to ODOT, but it is also an enhancement of safety to the traveling public." With the Weather Information Network expected to be running statewide by Jan.31, the new weather stations will enable ODOT to adjust snow and ice activities based on the weather conditions in each county.

ODOTs 88 weather stations will provide information for the public to view at any time. Much like the construction and road condition information ODOT currently provides, the public will have access to conditions online at

"Our information will be more comprehensive and more accurate than what is currently available," Johnson said. "Also, because these sensors monitor traffic speeds and counts, we can improve our maintenance scheduling in each county as well."