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2003 Ohio Invitational Roadeo Competition Winners

Results from June 24, 2003

Truck - State
1st Place Jason Chadick  Delaware DOT
2nd Place Matt Simon  Ohio DOT
3rd Place Randy Barber Ohio DOT

Truck - State complete results


Truck - Local
1st Place Rick Feller Hamilton Co. Engr
2nd Place Charles Anderson Sylvania Twp.
3rd Place Daryl Vesner Franklin Co. Engr.

Truck - Local complete results


1st Place John Laver 

Sylvania Twp.

2nd Place Charles Dietz 

Delaware DOT

3rd Place Charles Muraca

Virginia DOT

Backhoe complete results


1st Place John Rinker  Ohio DOT
2nd Place Bob Elliot Ohio DOT
3rd Place Dan Short Ohio DOT

Loader complete results


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