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Northern Kentucky Projects

Ohio Department of Transportation

December 2, 2004

  Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
12th Street in Covington: The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be widening 12th street to create two through lanes in each direction. The project goes from I-75 to Scott Street. Traffic has greatly increased on this road from when in was constructed in the 1880's to today with truck traffic and an interstate access ramp. Right of Way acquisition will begin next year and construction should begin in 2007. Total cost: 20.1 million.

A New Interchange on I-275 at KY 20: The KYTC is designing new ramps for I-275 in the area of the airport to provide better access to the airport. Construction of these new ramps is scheduled for 2008. Total cost: 20 million.

Turfway Road: This project has been designed and the right of way has been purchased. This project is scheduled to go to construction in the spring of 2005 if funding is available.This project will take approximately 2 years to construct. When it is complete Turfway Road will be two lanes in each direction, and a center turn lane from Thoroughbred Drive
to Dixie Highway. Total cost: 12.2 million.

Mt. Zion Road (KY 536): The KYTC is in the process of designing this roadway for reconstruction from US 25, Dixie Highway, to US 42 in Union. This route will have two lanes in each direction, and turn lanes where needed. The section from US 25 to I-75 will go to construction first, the section from I-75 to US 42 will be a few years behind in construction. Total cost: 26.4 million.

KY 237: North Bend Road from I-275 north three miles has been designed and Right of Way acquisition should begin next year with construction scheduled for 2008. This project will widen KY 237 to include a center turn lane, a bike lane, and sidewalks. Construction should take about 2 years. Total cost: 27.3 million.

US 27: The first section of US 27 reconstruction south of Alexandria is underway. This section goes from KY 536 south to Racetrack Road. The reconstructed road will have two through lanes in each direction with a depressed median. Construction on this section is scheduled to be completed in November 2006. The second phase of this project whichgoes from Racetrack Road to just south of KY 154 is scheduled to go to construction in 2007. Total cost: 79 million.

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