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The Ohio Department of Transportation

Internet News Release

March 30, 2005


(COLUMBUS) -- Ohio Department of Transportation Director Gordon Proctor today announced the department will release its draft FY2006-2009 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) for public review and comment. Copies of the STIP can be reviewed at one of Ohios 17 Metropolitan Planning Organization offices, one of ODOTs 12 district offices or the departments Central Office in Columbus. The comment period will run from April 4 through April 15, 2005.

The STIP is a four-year listing of all federal and state-funded transportation projects scheduled for implementation, and is updated biennially. As part of a public involvement effort, each of ODOTs district offices will hold local, public meetings to discuss the plan.

The STIP contains project descriptions, projected construction dates, cost analysis, and identifies the type of funding to be used, including federal, state and local dollars. Federal law also requires the STIP be fiscally balanced against expected revenues.

Public comments will be evaluated and reflected in the final STIP. If there are significant changes between the draft and final document, then the public will be given additional opportunity to review it before it is submitted to the federal government. The final STIP must be submitted to the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration for final approval in mid-May.

Information on the STIP and the public meetings is available on ODOTs Office of Urban and Corridor Plannings Web site at

Any written comments concerning the STIP should be sent to:
Suzann Rhodes, AICP, Administrator
Office of Urban and Corridor Planning
Ohio Department of Transportation
1980 W. Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43223

Written comments must be received by the close of business April 18.