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The Ohio Department of Transportation

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June 28, 2005

ODOT Breaks Ground on SR 269 Project
Governor Tafts Railroad Crossing Safety Initiative Moves Forward

Bellevue (June 28, 2005) Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Gordon Proctor broke ground today on a railroad grade separation project on State Route 269 in the city of Bellevue. Mr. Proctor was accompanied by ODOT District 3 Deputy Director Thomas M. OLeary and Bellevue Mayor David Kile.

The project moves Ohio another step forward in its plans to address key areas where increased train and vehicle traffic on state highways have caused safety and congestion concerns near at-grade railroad crossings. In 2005, ODOT will kick off more than $10 million in railroad grade separation projects in north central Ohio with another five projects scheduled between 2006 and 2009.

"The railroad grade separation projects in north central Ohio are prime examples of why Governor Bob Taft created this program," Proctor said. "It is rewarding to see Ohio communities like Bellevue benefit from projects that improve safety and mobility."

The governors 10-year, $200 million initiative provides railroad grade separations to communities most affected by increased train traffic as a result of rail company mergers. After reviewing applications from communities across Ohio, ODOT selected about 30 projects to be constructed by 2010 through the Rail Grade Separation Program.

Statewide, ODOT has sold or begun construction on seven railroad grade separation projects. Another 23 projects have been given funding commitments or are being developed over the next five years.

"The city of Bellevue is representative of communities across Ohio that are in need of relief due to increased train frequency, traffic volume and lack of alternate routes to avoid railroad crossings," said David Kile, Mayor of Bellevue. "This project will provide immediate benefits in terms of reducing congestion, increasing mobility and improving police and fire service response time."

More than 50 freight trains cross the railroad tracks on SR 269 in a 24 hour period, stopping many of the 3,000 vehicles per day that use the highway as their only route to the businesses and homes on south side of Bellevue.

The $4.3 million project, awarded to Mosser Construction, Inc., will construct an overpass over the railroad tracks that is offset from the current alignment and route SR 269 traffic into Bellevue, leaving the current roadway to become a local road with much lower traffic volumes. Work is scheduled to be complete in 2006.

Nearly 60 percent of the funding for the Railroad Grade Separation Program is provided by ODOT. Additional funds are provided by the Ohio Legislature, railroads, local governments and the federal government.