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Ohio Department of Transportation

Internet News Release

March 26, 2007

Ohio Announces 2007 Specialized Transportation Program Awards

COLUMBUS To help serve the transportation needs of the elderly and individuals with disabilities, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director James G. Beasley today announced $1,974,393 in Federal Section 5310 Program funds for Ohios Specialized Transportation Program (STP). These federal funds are being distributed to 48 non-profit agencies and six Coordination Program projects in the state. A list of the agencies with their locations, vehicles and equipment awarded can be accessed at the Office of Transits website.

The Federal Transit Act, 49 USC Section 5310, authorizes capital grants for the purchase of vehicles and equipment by private non-profit agencies or state approved coordination projects to meet the special transportation needs of elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities where existing transportation services are unavailable, insufficient or inappropriate. Section 5310 funds pay 80 percent of the vehicle and equipment costs, and the local agency pays 20 percent.

The goal of the STP is to increase personal mobility for elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities and allow them to continue being productive members of their communities by offering safe transportation alternatives. Increased mobility options improve their quality of life by providing access to medical appointments, employment, grocery shopping, banking, and other services.

Upon request, the Office of Transit will hold a public hearing for this grant application. To request a public hearing, please write to Marianne E. Freed, Administrator, Office of Transit, Ohio Department of Transportation, 2nd Floor, 1980 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223 or contact her by phone at (614) 466-8955.