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Ohio Department of Transportation

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Status Report on ODOTs Bridge Inspections, Response to Minneapolis Collapse
ODOT works with County Engineers to Refine Inventory of Similarly-built Bridges


COLUMBUS (August 6, 2007) While the nation still waits for a cause of the failure of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director James Beasley has ordered updated inspections to be done on several of the states bridges built with a similar design. ODOT is also working with the states county engineers to refine the list of 181 similarly-built bridges throughout the state, focusing on bridges that most closely match the steel under-deck truss design in Minnesota.

Over the next two weeks, bridge inspectors will re-visit seven of the twelve ODOT-maintained bridges. Due to the high level of media interest in the inspections, ODOT has designated viewing areas for two of the inspections scheduled for Tuesday, August 7.

Cleveland: SR 2/Main Avenue Bridge Inspection will be visible from Main Avenue where it dead-ends by the Cuyahoga River on the West Bank of the Flats between 9 and 10:00 a.m.
Cincinnati: I-471/Fifth Avenue Viaduct Media availability for this inspection will begin at 1:00pm and can be observed from the parking lot that borders Eggleston Avenue and Culvert Street, on the westside of the bridge


ODOTs bridge experts will be available for interview prior to the inspections. The media will not be permitted to join the inspectors on the bridges. To maintain the safety of Ohios motorists, photographers are encouraged to stay off of bridges during the inspections. For safety reasons, media access will not be permitted at other inspection locations.

Two bridges were previously inspected late last week. The remaining bridges have either been recently inspected or are scheduled for inspection by the end of next month. For those bridges, ODOT is reviewing the most recent inspections to determine if further action is warranted

Cuyahoga County:
    I-90/Innerbelt Bridge Inspection scheduled within next two weeks
    SR 10/ Lorain-Carnegie Bridge Previously inspected on August 1
    US 42/W. 25th over Train Ave. Previously inspected on August 3
Warren County:
     I-71N/I-71S  Inspection scheduled within the next week
Lake County:
    I-90E/I-90W Inspection scheduled for Tuesday, August 13
Fairfield County:
    US 22 Previously inspected on March 30, no new inspection scheduled
Summit County:
    SR 8 Previously inspected on May 14, no new inspection scheduled
Washington County:  
    SR 124 Previously inspected on November 14, no new inspection scheduled

To assist in the inspection efforts of Ohios county engineers, ODOT last week shared the departments inventory of 181 similarly-designed bridges. After further collaboration, ODOT is refining that list to only bridges which closely resemble the design of the I-35W Bridge. ODOT will work with counties and cities on determining whether any additional measures will be needed, as directed by the US Department of Transportation. Its important to note that Ohio law currently mandates that every bridge be inspected every year.