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 Scenic/Historic Transportation Enhancement Awards For 2010-2011

Ohio Department of Transportation

Scenic/Historic Transportation Enhancement Awards For 2010-2011

Don Farmer, Mayor (419) 238-1237
Van Wert Main Street Streetscape
Streetscape along Main Street from Fountain Park (Jefferson Street) to North market Street (Historic Lincoln Highway). Includes decorative sidewalks featuring brick pavers, embossed asphalt crosswalks, benches, trash receptacles, period street lighting and planters.
Total/Request: $750,000/$600,000

PAULDING COUNTY/Village of Antwerp
Sara Keeran, Village Administrator (419) 258-2371
Antwerp Depot Restoration
Rehab of the historic Antwerp Norfolk & Western Depot located at 503 W. River St./ US 24. Complete exterior and interior renovation. Site work will include a paved parking area, exterior lighting, landscaping and signage. Proposed uses include welcome center/museum.
Total/Request: $367,774/$294,219

WILLIAMS COUNTY/Village of Bryan
Doug Johnson, Mayor (419) 636-8352
Courthouse Square Streetscape
Streetscape of courthouse square along Main, High, Lynn, and Butler Streets. Includes decorative stamped sidewalk], decorative lighting, benches, trash receptacles, planters, some tree replacement, and way finding signage. Phase II of IV of the city's overall plan, with phase I (the square) complete.
Total/Request: $860,129/$688,103

John Davoli, Mayor (419) 435-8282
Iron Triangle Visitor's Center
Conversion of a 5.25 acre Brownfield into an attractive Visitor's Center, viewing area and pavilion, and a walking trail to allow rail fans to experience Fostoria's "Iron Triangle" (100 to 160 trains a day). Project will include a new entry road, paved parking , handicapped accessible restrooms, an interpretive kiosk, a handicapped accessible viewing pavilion, an earthen mound to allow outdoor viewing and activities.
Total/Request: $1,019,700/$815,760

Paul E. Sherry, City Engineer (740) 432-3601
US 40 National Road Streetscape
Streetscape of US 40 (National Road) between N 12th and N 4th Streets . Includes benches, trash receptacles, decorative lighting, bike rack (near library and courthouse), pedestrian crossing markings for aesthetics, portions of concrete sidewalks to match aesthetic resurfacing, curb ramps, pedestrian crossing signals.
Total/Request: $522,613/$418,091

Richard Waugh, Mayor (740) 522-1420
SR 79 Median Enhancements
Landscaping and scenic enhancements to 4,400' segment of SR 79 between the intersections of Andover Road and the Arvin-Meritor traffic signal. Includes stamped concrete techniques and landscaping in the median. In conjunction with safety project for the installation of the median and service roads along the corridor (PID 79015).
Total/Request: $346,500/$277,200

FAIRFIELD/Village of Bremen
David Ray, Mayor (740) 569-4788
Bremen Gateway Enhancements
Enhancements at the gateway to the Bremen historic downtown business district (East Main, West Main, and Broad). Including decorative brick and concrete sidewalks, decorative brick patio, curb, ramps, colored crosswalks, trash receptacles, decorative lamp posts, banner kiosk, benches, and landscaping.
Total/Request: $97,998/$71,271

Dan Rogers, Village Administrator (419) 946-1931
North Public Square Improvements
Enhancements to Mt. Gilead's North Public Square area, the final phase of a multi-phase streetscape initiative by the city. North Public Square is located at the intersection of SR 61/US 42 and SR 95. Project includes construction of a decorative wall around the square and landscaping. Traffic signals located in the square will be relocated and placed on decorative mast arms. Stamped and dyed asphalt crosswalks will also be installed.
Total/Request: $215,600/$172,480

Wayne York, Village Administrator (419) 629-2447
Lock One Tender House Welcome Center
Construction of Scenic Welcome Center. Structure will replicate the house used by the Lock Tender of Lock One North on the Miami and Erie Canal. Will be located adjacent to the newly restored Lock One funded through TE.
Total/Request: $599,500/$479,600

SHELBY/Village of Lockington
Jerry Keener, Mayor (937) 778-0701
Lock 1 Reconstruction
Reconstruction of Lock 1 (phase 1 of 3). Including removal foundation stones and replace with a concrete foundation and total rebuild.
Total/Request: $2,373,232/$1,898,586

BROWN COUNTY/Village of Ripley
Charles Ashmore, Administrator (937) 392-4377
Ripley Main Street Streetscape
Streetscape along Main Street between Second and Fourth Streets. Continuation of a multi-phased streetscape/revitalization effort in Ripley, with two phases already completed through TE funding. Includes burying utilities, relocation of transformers, new water services, enhanced storm water collection, decorative lighting, benches, planters, and brick paver sidewalks.
Total/Request: $937,859/$750,287

Richard P. Homrighausen, Mayor (330) 343-6726
Tuscarawas Avenue Bridge Enhancements
Installation of aesthetic concrete railing by duplicating a used brick finish pattern and installation of aesthetic lighting to the 410' Tuscarawas Avenue Bridge over the Tuscarawas River
Total/Request: $3,932,500/$242,000

TUSCARAWAS COUNTY/Village of Dennison
CONTACT: Wendy Zucal, Museum Director (740) 922-6776
Dennis Depot Museum Phase VI
Phase VI expansion of the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum. Includes restoration of a steam engine (1943 - C&O RR) that sits at the front of the Museum's new wing (TE funded Phase IV in 2006). Phase VI will also restore and rehab three additional RR cars for archival and artifact collections storage. The roof and fascia boards will also be replaced.
Total/Request: $750,000/$600,000