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Ohio Department of Transportation

Internet News Release

September 12, 2007

ODOT Promotes Pedal-Powered Transportation, Paths for Pedestrians

COLUMBUS (September 12, 2007) To promote healthier forms of transportation such as biking and walking, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is awarding more than $5.7 million in federal funds to several local communities to partner on the construction and renovation of bicycle trails, sidewalks and walking paths across the state.

Also among the list of 11 projects to receive funding for the 2010-11 budget cycle is new construction along the Heart of Ohio Trail in Knox County. This $2.2 million project (including a $1.7 million award from ODOT) will add to the Ohio to Erie Trail, which will eventually span the state from Cincinnati to Cleveland with easily accessible, paved trails that are separated from highways and automobiles.

These federal dollars are part of ODOTs Transportation Enhancement Program, which annually provides approximately $21 million for projects that enhance the transportation experience by improving the cultural, historic, aesthetic and environmental aspects of transportation infrastructure, including dollars for the growing number of projects aimed at pedestrian and bicycle trails.

Since 1992, ODOT has invested more than $148 million in federal Transportation Enhancement funds to pedestrian and bicycle trail projects.

In larger cities, these funds are distributed by regional Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO). ODOT sets aside additional funds to partner with smaller communities outside of MPO boundaries, offering to fund up to 80% of the cost for construction on these projects

Bicycle/Pedestrian Transportation Enhancement Awards for 2010/2011:


Wabash Cannonball Trail Head


Knox County

Heart of Ohio Trail



Heath Bike Path Extension and Bridge



Canal Feeder Riverwalk Phase II


Franklin Township (Mercer County)

Walking Bridge over Prairie Creek



River Trail Phase III



SR 664 Sidewalk Project


St. Clairsville

National Road Bikeway Tunnel



SR 14 Sidewalk Project



SR 83 Sidewalk Project


Holmes County Park District

Holmes County Trail Phase 5A


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