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Ohio Department of Transportation

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November 9, 2007

ODOT joins Ross County in Honoring Ohios Veterans
Camp Sherman History Memorialized On State Route 104

CHILLICOTHE (November 9, 2007) - As Ohioans honor the nations veterans this weekend, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is playing a role in Veterans Day events in Ross County by memorializing the Camp Sherman Memorial Highway along State Route 104.

Earlier this week, ODOT crews erected the signs along SR 104 to designate the route. Located just north of the US Route 35 interchange and the Chillicothe Veterans Administration Medical Center, the signs mark the site of what was the third-largest World War I army training camp. The official designation was a result of legislation passed more than a decade ago in June 1996.

It was brought to our departments attention that the legislation existed, but the signs had never been erected, said ODOT District 9 Deputy Director James Brushart. Fortunately, we were able to expedite the fabrication and installation of the signs prior to this weekends events.

Another piece of Ross Countys history is being honored this Veterans Day as organizers from Chillicothes Veterans Administration dedicate the restoration of two historic gateposts that once flanked the entrance to Camp Sherman.

At the time the training camp was established in 1917, two large and two small gateposts were erected at its north and south entrances on SR 104. The four posts on the south side of the camp are still standing near their original location on North High Street in Chillicothe, and the two small posts at the north entrance were moved nearby to a training center for the Ross Correctional Institution.

The larger posts at the north entrance, however, were pushed over and buried when the route was widened more than 60 years ago. During excavation for the new SR 207 connector, ODOT unearthed the two remaining posts.

Following the discovery, ODOT partnered with the Ross County Historical Society, Ohio State Historic Preservation Office, Veterans Administration, Hopewell Culture National Historical Park and the Federal Highway Administration to reset and restore the posts near the discovery site at the entrance of the VA Medical Center.

Ross County has a rich and unique history, so while we work to modernize our transportation system, we also strive to preserve the areas cultural, natural and archaeological resources, said Brushart. I am proud we could assist in not only memorializing Ohio-104 with the Camp Sherman signs, but also commemorating the training camp with the discovery and restoration of the gateposts.

In addition to a host of other activities at the VA Medical Center throughout the day Sunday, the dedication of the gateposts will take place at the entrance to the hospital at 10 a.m. Later this month, organizers from Camp Sherman, Inc., will hold a separate ceremony to dedicate the Camp Sherman memorial signs.