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“Cardinal Health appreciates the leadership and vision displayed by Governor Kasich with his recently announced plan for improving Ohio’s transportation system.  Keeping our highways in top condition is important to the jobs and businesses of many industries across our state, and Cardinal Health urges the Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) to approve the governor’s proposed projects accordingly.”

Shelly Bird, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, Cardinal Health

MORPC Appreciates Governor’s Support for Central Ohio Transportation Projects

 The appreciates the Governor’s support for improving Ohio’s transportation system with a $3 billion investment in infrastructure over the next several years. MORPC also hopes that TRAC recognizes the value of these Central Ohio projects to the whole State. The following six Central Ohio transportation projects to be voted on by Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) on Thursday are among the most important projects to the Central Ohio region.

  • Franklin County North High St. (U.S. 23)–Add an express lane on U.S. 23 from Flint to Lazelle Rd. Total project cost is $7,800,000.
  •  Franklin County U.S. Route 23/I-270/SR 315 Interchange–Reconstruct I-270/SR315, U.S. 23 Interchange. Total project cost is $94,800,000.
  • Franklin County U.S. Route 23/I-270/SR 315–Construction of a noise wall at I-270/Linworth Rd. Total project cost is $1,200,000.
  •  I-70/71 Reconstruction
    Franklin County I-70/I-71 Interchange–Reconstruction and widening of SR315/I-70/I-71 as part of the I-70/71 project to improve safety and reduce congestion in downtown Columbus. Total project cost is $86,000,000
  • Franklin County I-70/71–Phase 2 (East Interchange) as part of the reconstruction and widening of I-70 and I-71 near Children’s Hospital. Total project cost is $235,600,000.
  • Franklin County I-70–Construct a new storm sewer along I-70. Total project cost is $4,000,000. –Add a new interchange on U.S. 33 in Carroll at Winchester Rd. Total project cost is $48,700,000.
  • I-270/U.S. 33–Phase 1 of the reconstruction of the I-270 and U.S. 33 Interchange to increase safety and ease congestion. Total project cost is $93,800,000.


“These projects are critical to creating jobs and advancing economic growth in Central Ohio. They are vital to our region, our local governments and our residents,” states William Murdock, MORPC Executive Director.​

Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC)

“Keeping pace with job growth requires leadership and creativity to maintain and expand Ohio's infrastructure advantage.”​

Kenny McDonald, CEO, Columbus 2020

“I would like to thank Governor Kasich for his support of the US33/Carroll Interchange project. US Route 33 serves as the major macro-corridor between Southeastern and Central Ohio, and plays a vital role to the entire area’s economic development potential.”​

Bob Clark, Director, Fairfield County Economic Development:

LANCASTER, OH – On Monday, July 22, 2013, Governor John R. Kasich offered his recommendation of the proposed US 33/Carroll Interchange to the Transportation Review Advisory Council. The proposed project will replace an at-grade intersection at US Route 33 and Winchester Road/High Street with an interchange located 2,500 feet northwest of the existing intersection.
The Fairfield County Board of Commissioners appreciates the support that Governor Kasich is giving the project. Steven A. Davis, President of the Board, stated, “The completion of the project will improve public safety and travel efficiency by reducing heavy traffic congestion. We are grateful to Governor Kasich and to Ohio Department of Transportation Director Jerry Wray for helping to further this project.”
The project will improve a route used by more than 40,000 travelers per day. The improvements will also promote economic development and the integration of regions in Ohio, and it is consistent with the effort to make US 33 an interstate look-alike.​

Fairfield County Board of County Commissioners

"As Mayor of the Village of Carroll, I am very pleased that the Carroll Interchange Project is included in the governor's list for TRAC funding. Thankfully, Gov. Kasich realizes the great need here for the current at-grade intersection to be improved to an interchange located nearby, and it is appreciated. I would also like to thank ODOT District 5 Director Jerry Wray for his support in moving this project forward.
The current traffic backups during rush hour and long waits at the signal should be eliminated with this new design. It also opens the door for possible economic development, as easier access to US 33 could quite possibly bring companies looking to locate in this area.
The new interchange will not only improve traffic flow for both residents and commuters, it will provide a much more important function: to increase the safety of all who travel this highway through Carroll."

Tammy Drobina, Mayor, Village of Carroll

“We applaud Governor Kasich’s support of statewide infrastructure improvements, especially the 270-33 Interchange. With more than 1,000 acres available for development in Dublin and 12,000 acres in Union County, this region is poised for continued job growth. With this new interchange, 44,600 new jobs and $2.8 billion in investment are predicted within 20 years.”

Marsha Grigsby, Dublin City Manager

"The Scotts Company appreciates Governor John Kasich's leadership to enhance Ohio's transportation infrastructure. We hope that TRAC will follow his lead and approve the list of projects before the Council this week to enhance Ohio's economic development and improve roadway safety in Central Ohio."

Ann Aquillo, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, The Scotts Company

"The Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council strongly supported Gov. Kasich's transportation proposals earlier this year. The Building Trades support the Governor's continued emphasis on heavy highway and bridge construction and urge the expedited approval of these projects by the TRAC Board.”​

Dennis Duffey, Secretary-Treasurer Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council

“The affiliated construction trades of Ohio strongly support Governor Kasich's initiatives with respect to Ohio's infrastructure improvements. These projects are critical to Ohio's economic and industrial development efforts, and will put thousands of our members to work.”​

Matthew A. Szollosi, Executive Director, ACT Ohio

"Governor Kasich’s transportation plans place a high premium on the economic development aspects of our state’s road infrastructure. In central Ohio and across the State, these investments will help ensure that we maintain the incredible momentum of job creation and capital investment under the Governor’s watch. I’d urge the TRAC committee to move these plans forward to implementation."

Alex Fisher, President and CEO of the Columbus Partnership

“Infrastructure funding is critically important to the economic development and prosperity of the Columbus Region—including the logistics industry, which is strong and growing.  Quite simply, investment in transportation and infrastructure means job creation in central Ohio.  That’s why the major projects included in the TRAC list of I-270/SR 33, I-70/I-71 and I-270/Rt 23 are all top priorities in the Columbus Chamber’s Public Policy Agenda. We join Gov. Kasich in support of these projects and urge TRAC to approve the list. Finally, we commend the Governor and his administration for their innovative thinking that allowed an increase in transportation funding without an increase in taxes.”​

Michael Dalby, President & CEO of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce
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"I am pleased to announce that today Governor John R. Kasich presented a plan to fund improvements to Ohio’s Transportation system. Two of these directly affect the City of Medina and our residents. Gaining Governor Kasich’s support for our US 42 and SR 18 projects in Medina County is a huge acknowledgement for the need to improve our infrastructure and to build an economically competitive advantage. He understands the importance of providing safe and efficient infrastructure that meets the needs of our community- our businesses, our residents, and visitors to our community. Governor Kasich’s initiative to invest in our infrastructure supports our community’s continued growth and economic viability.
The widening of US 42 in Medina City and Medina Township to five lanes from Harding Street to Fenn Road is estimated at $47 million to begin in 2016. The widening of SR 18 from west of Nettleton to Foote Road is in the preliminary engineering phase currently. This will permit it to progress to design and then the construction phase.​"

Dennis Hanwell, Mayor of Medina

"On behalf of the over 1,800 members of the Greater Akron Chamber we appreciate your commitment and leadership on the state of Ohio’s transportation system.

As a regional economic development organization that is focused on fostering a business climate that promotes business and job growth; the movement of people and goods is a key piece to regional, national and global competitiveness.
The Greater Akron Region is at the epicenter of the Northeast Ohio regions north – south and east-west transportation system corridors. Hence, we thank you for recommending the following local projects: reconstruction of the central interchange; reconfiguration of the I-77/I-76 South Main Street/Broadway interchange and widening of the I-271 corridor, which we hope will be beneficiaries of the state’s new innovative funding plan. The plan now enables the state to narrow the highway-funding gap and move forward with essential transportation projects (as previously mentioned) that would have otherwise be held off for many years.

We look forward to continued collaboration and public-private partnerships to fuel our region and state’s economic development efforts for job creation and new capital investment."​

Daniel C. Colantone, CCE, President and CEO, Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce

“The health of Ohio’s transportation system is critical to the economic development of our region so I’m delighted to see critical projects in our area being recommended to get done years ahead of schedule. Governor Kasich’s innovative thinking on how to leverage the turnpike has triggered more money for projects such as ours and it will pay huge dividends to our continued success in creating jobs and improving the lives of the residents or Lorain County.”​

Tom Williams, Commissioner, Lorain County

"On behalf of the City of Elyria, our residents and our business community, I want to take this opportunity to thank Governor Kasich for his leadership in making available critical transportation dollars. With his support, Elyria will be safer and businesses in the city and the region will benefit from an improved transportation network."​

Holly Brinda, Mayor, City of Elyria, Ohio

“The Medina County Economic Development Corporation applauds Governor Kasich’s attention to the fact that investing in transportation infrastructure has a significant impact on our economic development efforts. Funding these critical road improvement projects in Medina County greatly improves our ability to create new jobs in the region and the State of Ohio, and we sincerely appreciate the collaboration among local and state officials and the Ohio Department of Transportation that has made these upgrades possible.”

Bethany Dentler, Executive Director, Medina County Economic Development Corporation

"I am writing to voice appreciation for your innovative leadership in getting legislative approval of your proposal to use the bonding capacity of the Ohio Turnpike to fund badly needed road and bridge projects in Northern Ohio using the TRAC process and without raising taxes.

This process could significantly help in moving forward two priority road projects in the Mahoning Valley-the $80 million Interstate 80 lane expansion in Trumbull and Mahoning counties and the $17 million new interchange at Interstate 680 and State Route 164 in Beaver Township, Mahoning County.

Again, Governor, thank you for your leadership in utilizing the financial strength of the turnpike to significantly improve the state's infrastructure."

Tom Humphries, President & CEO, Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber

"I just love it when a plan comes together. Like most states, Ohio’s budget for maintaining and improving its highway system has relied almost entirely on the gas taxes drivers pay.  For many reasons beyond the state’s control, this source of funding is increasingly unable to keep pace with ever-rising cost to meet a modern state’s transportation needs.  Governor Kasich’s Jobs and Transportation Plan is a balanced, forward-thinking strategy, allowing Ohio to address a serious and growing shortfall between our transportation needs and our ability to meet those needs with existing revenue streams. Today is a great day for us knowing that we will get a critical project done earlier than expected, and it will be an even better day if the Ohio Transportation and Review and Advisory Council approved the governor’s recommendation.”

Joe Roman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Greater Cleveland Partnership
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Statement from Open Letter of Support
Funding of $3B Transportation Plan

"On behalf of the transportation users and industries that so strongly depend on a quality transportation system to support commerce and the jobs it creates throughout Ohio, we whole heartedly urge TRAC to back Governor Kasich’s pro-growth, pro-safety highway program that he has just introduced.  Northwest Ohio is now beginning to see the positive results from the new US Route 24 (“Fort To Port”) project.  Along with the Ohio Turnpike, the improvement of I-75 will provide the final stanchion in our transportation network that will allow northwest Ohio to truly serve as a world-class logistics and high-tech industrial center to much of the world.  This is a bold plan at the right time!"​

Richard Bertz, President & CEO/ C. Michael Smith, Chairman, Mannik Smith Group

“The Governor’s recommendations to TRAC account for more than $315 million in improvements to Lucas County highways, including the remainder of the I-75 corridor in North Toledo, an important byway for commerce and truck traffic contributing to our local economy.  The construction projects will also continue to provide jobs for the skilled labor force in northwest Ohio, helping to keep Toledoans at work.  This outside the box thinking will benefit our community all around.”

Mike Bell, Mayor, City of Toledo

As Director of the University of Toledo’s Intermodal Transportation Institute and Tier 1 University Transportation Center, I strongly support Gov. Kasich’s robust plan announced today that vastly improves Ohio’s transportation system, and in particular, his support of our NW Ohio TRAC projects for the IR 475/20 Interchange Upgrade and LUC-475 Widening (US 24 to US 20).

The July 2013 issue of Site Selection magazine touted Toledo and Northwest Ohio as an emerging investment opportunity largely because of the transportation infrastructure investment that has taken
place there. Transportation is a critical engine driving Northwest Ohio’s economy and is the thread that knits the region’s economy together.

Site Selection notes “In 2012 Greater Toledo saw the attraction or retention of 90 economic development projects, which will create 3,200 new jobs and feature $1.7 billion in capital investment.”

These projects are fundamental elements of continuing the momentum in NW Ohio economic revitalization, intermodal connectivity, and safety improvements to the Northwest Ohio transportation system.​

Rich Martinko, University of Toledo

“Toledo’s Regional Growth Partnership supports the widening of interstate 75 from Toledo to Findlay. We believe transforming our transportation system will strengthen Northwest Ohio’s economy to one that is growing, more diverse and globally competitive."

Dean Monske, President & CEO, Regional Growth Partnership

“Sandusky County Economic Development Corporation continues to support the ongoing TRAC Program for the State of Ohio. Established by Ohio Revised Code in 1997, the nine-member Transportation Review Advisory Council assists in developing a project selection process for ODOT's largest investments. Although Sandusky County does not have projects connected to today’s announcement, in the past Sandusky County has benefited greatly from road projects completed through the TRAC Program. We applaud Governor Kasich and TRAC for their support of economic development in our region through their continued emphasis on building and maintaining our vital transportation assets.”​

Kay Reiter, Director, Sandusky County Economic Development Corp

"E. S. Wagner Co. supports the widening of I-75 and I-475 Central Ave projects. As a highway working with the traffic congestion daily, we realize that the proposed improvements will significantly reduce congestion and improve public safety."​

John Wagner, President CEO of E.S. Wagner Company

"On behalf of the membership of the Northwest Ohio Regional Economic Development association, we would like to express our organization's support for the recommended Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) investment projects announced today.

NORED's membership has a long-standing track record of supporting transportation improvement projects that make our region more competitive. One example of this includes our support for the US 24 "Fort to Port" project, which has significantly improved traffic flow and enhanced economic development opportunity throughout Northwest Ohio. Continued support of large-scale transportation investments, like US 24, are a vital component to the State of Ohio's ability to position itself as a key location for new business development opportunities.

Again, on behalf of NORED, thank you for Ohio's continued commitment to forwarding vital transportation investment projects. We look forward to the opportunity to continue working with you and provide ideas and input which will improve Ohio's competitive economic position."

Greg Telecky, NORED Legislative Co-Chair & Jamie N. Beier Grant, NORED Legislative Co-Chair
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“Job growth comes from a reliable transportation network that is fast and cost effective. Gov. John Kasich’s plan will ensure Ohio has the infrastructure in place to meet the demands of job creators.

“There’s no questioning the fact that Ohio’s turnpike is a critical transportation asset for our state. A strong transportation system is indeed a key to the state’s economy. The governor’s plan represents a long-term solution to a problem that would become a burden to localities down the road.

“It is my hope the Ohio Transportation Review Advisory Council will give the governor’s plan its full support.”​

John Molinaro, president and CEO of the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth

“Southern Ohio badly needs infrastructure improvements.  This particular project will be of huge benefit to us, bringing money and jobs not just in the short term, but over the long haul as well.  I hope the TRAC board will support the project and help get our region moving again.”

Terry Johnson, Ohio House Representative, District-90
"Belmont College applauds Governor Kasich’s recommendation to the Transportation and Review and Advisory Council (TRAC) for the release of state funds for the I-70/U.S.40/SR 331 improvement project. Once complete, the improved access will benefit the College, its students, local businesses, and the community. Because an enormous portion of Ohio’s colleges and universities depend on quality highways, the approval of assistance for such projects is a huge step in the right direction. Belmont College is dedicated to forward progression, and it is a wonderful feeling to have the support of the governor and TRAC as we strive for excellence in teaching and learning."
Joseph E Bukowski, President, Belmont College

“The Scioto County Engineer’s Office would like to express our support for the TRAC funding of the Portsmouth Bypass as presented in Governor Kasich’s project list. This major new capacity project is vital to adding transportation capacity, and is critical to the mobility, economic development, and quality of life of the citizens of south central Ohio.”​

Craig Opperman, Scioto County Engineer
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"On behalf of the Clark County-Springfield Transportation Coordinating Committee (CCSTCC), designated as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Clark County area, I am writing to you today to express support for Governor Kasich’s Jobs and Transportation Plan. The Governor’s plan recommends funding the construction of the Clark County Interstate 70 Phase 1 project in 2014.

CCSTCC has a long history of supporting the construction of this project. In 2002, CCSTCC adopted a Major Investment Study which called for the widening of the Interstate within Clark County. In November 2011, CCSTCC, with participation from the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, adopted a Regional Strategic Transportation Plan that named the Phase 1 project as the number 1 transportation priority for the area. And in May 2013, CCSTCC unanimously voted to support ODOT District 7’s application for construction funding and Tier I TRAC status for the project.

CCSTCC has been very fortunate to have partners like ODOT and the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce throughout the development of this project. Without their support, the current six lane sections would not be complete. We request that you move forward with the Governor’s plan to advance this project to construction."​

Scott G. Schmid, PTP Transportation Director, Clark County-Springfield Transportation Coordinating Committee

"We applaud Governor Kasich for his leadership on this important issue. As we continue to grow jobs and improve the economy in Ohio, we need a 21st Century infrastructure system to ease the movement of goods and people,” said Matt Davis, Vice President of Government Affairs at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. “Top priority should be given to projects that have a strong economic development component, as these projects do and we encourage the TRAC to approve the Governor’s recommendations.”​

Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

"We appreciate the leadership Governor Kasich has shown on the MLK Interchange project, and we urge TRAC to accept the Governor’s funding request. This project is a game changer not only for the residents and businesses in Uptown but in our region as well. An interchange at I-71 and MLK will improve quality of life, create jobs and help ensure that Uptown remains a key economic engine for Uptown. The pieces are almost all in place now."

Beth Robinson, CEO, Uptown Consortium

“Governor Kasich’s innovative approach toward identifying new infrastructure resources will allow Ohio the opportunity to advance a wide array of statewide transportation projects that are critical to the Ohio business community. Transportation investments help drive economic development opportunities, business access and quality of life; and for this reason transportation investments have long been a priority for the Dayton area business community. We are excited to see the Kasich administration’s commitment to advancing some of our much needed infrastructure projects and I am hopeful that ODOT and TRAC will recognize and approve these strategic investments.”​

Phil Parker, President & CEO, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

"In today's global economy, efficient transportation systems are a pillar of economic growth. Ohio is no exception to this economic fact. Ohio's economy relies heavily on the dependability of our roadways and the efficiency of supply chains spanning from Ohio to the rest of the world. Fortunately, Governor Kasich's leadership has been creative and successful in ensuring that Ohio has the transportation network to meet its economic challenges. This is no time to change this successful course. We ask the Transportation and Review and Advisory Council to approve the governor's recommendations and help us move forward.

We applaud Gov. Kasich for adopting this project – which is critical to our region – and putting valuable economic resources behind his commitment.”

Mark Policinski, Executive Director & CEO, Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments

“The Hamilton County Engineer’s office recognizes with Governor Kasich the critical relationship between economic development and transportation infrastructure. We fully support the Governor’s recommendations for projects like MLK Interchange, and Through the Valley project, because they will ease congestion and also enhance North-South travel in our region. These projects will also have a positive impact on generating new economic development in the adjacent areas.”​

Ted Hubbard, Hamilton County Engineer

“Ohio’s transportation system – and the network of highways at its heart – is perhaps our state’s single most important asset for economic development and jobs growth.  Virtually every sector of our economy – manufacturing, commerce, agriculture, small business, logistics, tourism – depends on this transportation network for access to its workforce, raw materials and markets. It was welcomed news to see one of our highest priority projects accelerated under this initiative.” ​

Gary Lindgren, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Business Committee
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Ohio Operating Engineers support Governor Kasich’s recommendations for the next selection of major transportation projects for Ohio

The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 18, would urge the TRAC Board to support the Governor’s recommendations for the next selection of major transportation projects for Ohio.

The administration has shown tremendous foresight and leadership in their innovative thinking of how to fund Ohio’s failing infrastructure program and in the process create thousands of good paying construction jobs in an industry hard hit by the recent recession, all without raising taxes.
TRAC members, let’s keep Ohio moving forward. Please take the Governor’s recommendations for the upcoming project list.

The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 18, serves 85 counties in Ohio and 4 in Northern Kentucky with 14,000 members. Operating Engineers operate various types of heavy equipment to build highway and energy infrastructure, water and sewer plants, airports and skyscrapers, and other community infrastructure.

Pat Sink, Ohio Operating Engineers

“We supported Governor Kasich’s plan to leverage the value of the Ohio Turnpike to make badly needed improvements in the state’s highway system, and we’re pleased to see that this initiative is moving ahead so quickly.
“The Governor is proposing to use the proceeds of the turnpike bond sale just as he said he would, and we hope the TRAC moves quickly to advance the high-priority projects.”​

Donald L. Mader, Executive Director, ACEC Ohio:

OAIMA Support for Governor Kasich’s Recommendations

In the spring of this year, the Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA) was a strong supporter of HB51, “The Transportation Budget”, which laid the foundation for robust transportation and infrastructure funding. Governor Kasich’s leadership and innovative funding plan for Ohio’s roads and infrastructure has placed Ohio in a position that is the envy of surrounding states. It is now time to move forward with funding Ohio’s critical transportation needs and we believe the Governor’s recommendations for action by the TRAC (Transportation Review Advisory Council) will build upon Ohio’s momentum.

The aggregates and industrial minerals industry is critical in supplying the raw materials that are needed for a strong, safe and robust transportation and infrastructure program. Aggregates and industrial minerals are the basic elements in all construction activity and any economic recovery in Ohio depends upon good, quality, local and reliable resources. 99% of construction aggregates are mined and used locally, generally within 50 miles of where they are extracted. Over 50% of aggregates are utilized in publically funded projects.

Since 2008, our industry has experience a nearly 24% reduction in direct workforce employment and similar reductions in those employed in support services. The OAIMA believes that Governor Kasich’s recommendations will reverse this downward spiral, put Ohioans back to work, rejuvenate Ohio’s crumbling infrastructure, reduce congestion and increase efficiency and, most importantly, increase driver and passenger safety for those travelling Ohio’s roads. For all of these reasons we strongly support the Governor’s transportation and infrastructure funding initiative and strongly urge the TRAC to fully fund these projects and put Ohioans back to work.

About The Industry
With nearly 200 members statewide, the Ohio Aggregates and Industrial Minerals Association represents Ohio’s producers of limestone, sand and gravel, slag and other construction materials, as well as a variety of industrial minerals. Aggregates and industrial minerals are the basic elements in all construction activity and any economic recovery in Ohio depends upon good, quality, local and reliable resources. 99% of construction aggregates are mined and used locally, generally within 50 miles of where they are extracted.

Limestone, sand and gravel and slag are the state’s most fundamental building blocks. For instance, concrete is composed of 85% aggregate while asphalt is comprised of approximately 95% aggregates. It is important to note that over 50% of all aggregates are purchased with tax dollars.

Every lane mile of interstate uses 38,000 tons of aggregate, each new home requires about 400 tons of aggregate and every American born today will need 3.6 million pounds of minerals, metal and fuels in his or her lifetime including 1.7 million pounds of aggregates and industrial minerals mined in Ohio. On average, each Ohio citizen uses 10 tons of aggregates and industrial minerals that are mined in Ohio each year (up from a national average of 3 ½ tons/person 70 years ago).

Ohio has 549 aggregates and industrial minerals operations in 87 Ohio counties. The industry employs nearly 3,200 (down from 4,200 in 2008) people with average wages exceeding $46,000. Another 40,000 Ohioans are employed indirectly in Ohio’s minerals industry such as truck drivers, electricians, mechanics and other supply and supporting professions. In addition, for every dollar spent on aggregates, an additional $1.58 is injected back into the economy.​

Patrick Jacomet, Executive Director, Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association

Ohio Chamber Backs Transportation Funding Priorities

A modern transportation system is a key component of a strong economy and helps Ohio businesses grow and create jobs. That’s why the Ohio Chamber of Commerce supported Gov. Kasich’s innovative plan to fully leverage the value of the Ohio Turnpike.

Today, Gov. Kasich announced the funding priorities he is recommending to the Transportation Review and Advisory Council (TRAC). “We believe Gov. Kasich is, once again, showing his strong and innovative leadership on transportation funding issues”, said Andrew E. Doehrel, President & CEO of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. “The transportation projects recommended by the governor will help ensure Ohio has the infrastructure needed to move our state forward. We urge TRAC to support the Governor’s recommendations”, he added.

Founded in 1893, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce is Ohio’s largest statewide business advocacy group. The Chamber works to promote and protect the interests of its members – large and small – while building a more favorable Ohio business climate.

Ohio Chamber of Commerce