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OBM and ODOT Seek Advisor Team for Turnpike Options

Selected Team to Help Determine Next Steps for the Ohio Turnpike

COLUMBUS (Monday, August 08, 2011) The Office of Budget and Management (OBM) in consultation with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced today they are seeking Letters of Interest for the development and evaluation of options for leveraging the Ohio Turnpike.

OBM and ODOT are announcing that the process could include three phases. The first, through analysis and review, will help OBM and ODOT determine the true value of the Ohio Turnpike and the preferred option for leveraging the turnpike as a state asset.

If a private investment option is determined in phase 1 to be the most beneficial course of action for the State, the team will then assist in phase 2 by developing an invitation for proposals and the process for selecting the final bidder.

In the third and final phase, the consultant will assist the State in the evaluation, selection, ranking of the final bidders and then final contract negotiations.

Interested consultants are expected to organize and bid as teams. The teams must include experience and expertise in technical/engineering disciplines, legal and contract expertise, financial analysis, and public outreach. Letters of Interest must be submitted electronically to ODOT by 11:59 p.m. on August 24, 2011. All Letters of Interest will be reviewed by both OBM and ODOT.

This request for Letters of Interest is in compliance with Ohio Revised Code, Sec. 126.605.

For the full document and timelines, please visit:

For more information contact: Dave Pagnard, OBM Office of Communications, at 614-466-6573 or Melissa Ayers, ODOT Office of Communications, at 614-644-8640