ODOT receives $9 million in ‘State of Good Repair’
grants to repair and replace buses

COLUMBUS (Wednesday, August 1, 2012) – Ohio Department of Transportation Director Jerry Wray today announced ODOT will receive more than $9 million in transit grants, called State of Good Repair Funds, from the Federal Transit Administration.  These funds will be used to replace and maintain Ohio’s public transit buses and bus facilities.
Most of the 65 vehicles being replaced with the funds have extremely high mileage or have been deemed to be too expensive to maintain.
“Many Ohioans rely on transit to get to school, work, and doctor’s appointments,” said Director Wray. “These investments will provide them with safer and more reliable trips.”
Ohio’s transit systems provide over 111 million trips per year and are 12th in the nation for number of trips provided.
Eight of Ohio’s Rural Transit systems will share an award  of more $834,750:
City of Ashland
Purchase of one (1) Modified Minivan (MMV) to replace a MMV with 170,903 miles
City of Bowling Green
Purchase of two (2) Modified Minivans (MMVs) to replace two (2) MMVs with 130,903 miles each
Community Action Commission of Fayette County (CAC)
Purchase of two (2) Modified Minivans (MMVs) to replace two (2) MMVs with 150,000+ miles each
WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc.
Purchase of One (1) Accessible Converted Van (CV) & One (1) Accessible Light Transit Vehicle, Narrow Body (LTN) with combined mileage of 425,617
South East Area Transit (SEAT)
Purchase two (2) LTVS to replace vehicles whose maintenance costs exceed SEAT's annual budget. Replacement radio equipment to comply with Federally mandated narrow banding requirements
Seneca County Agency Transportation (SCAT)
Purchase of Three (3) Light Transit Vehicle, Narrow Body would replace identical vehicles in fleet which have met FTA's useful life criteria.  These replacement vehicles would decrease repair costs, increase safety, and be more efficient
Harrison County Rural Transit
Purchase Two (2) Standard Mini-vans (SMV), Two (2) Modified Mini-vans (MMV), and One (1) Light Transit Narrow Body (LTN) to replace five vehicles with a combined 686,655 miles
City of Lancaster
Purchase of Five (5) Light Transit Vehicles to replace those vehicles which will have met their useful life expectancy; Twenty (20) Bicycle Racks for the transit vehicles to promote multi-modal and completely-accessible transportation; and One (1) Building Equipment consisting of an overhead projector and screen for staff trainings
Also, as part of ODOT’s grant application, 5 Urban Transit Systems were awarded $8,212,250:
Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority (PARTA)
Purchase Nine (9) new Light Transit Vehicles (LTV's) with grant funds to replace LTV's that have reached or exceeded their useful life that are still in revenue service.  This will increase fuel economy, decrease maintenance costs, and improve air quality in our region by replacing older, less efficient vehicles with newer, more efficient vehicles
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA)
The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA), through the Ohio Department of Transportation, will replace buses past their useful lives, resulting in more efficient, reliable bus service, reduced emissions, and less money being spent on transit maintenance
Stark Area Regional Transportation Authority (SARTA)
SARTA proposes to replace vehicles have reached mileage/years for retirement with more efficient and more economical CNGs
METRO Regional Transit Authority (Akron)
Purchase of Fifteen (15) Paratransit buses to replace buses that are past their useful life.  The replacement buses will also use CNG in place of diesel to be more environmentally friendly and to reduce the use of imported oil
Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (GDRTA)
Purchase Dual Mode Electric vehicles to replace older diesel buses, which have met FTA's useful life criteria).  These replacement buses can be used as a dual purpose - electric trolley bus and/or as motor bus routes throughout the service area

For more information,  contact: Steve Faulkner, ODOT Press Secretary, at 614-644-7101,  or your local ODOT District Communications Office