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Ohio's Jobs & Transportation Plan: MORE PROJECTS - FASTER.

​ $3 Billion Over Six Years 

The Ohio Jobs and Transportation Plan
Gov. John R. Kasich’s Jobs and Transportation plan injects nearly $3 billion in state, local and federal, and Turnpike money into 41 transportation projects across the state. These needed funds erase delays and accelerate most construction projects by more than 10 years.
"By thinking outside the box we’re attacking Ohio’s highway budget deficit without a tax increase and keeping Ohio’s highways in top condition. Our agriculture, manufacturing and logistics industries, as well as so many others, depend on our world class highway system for their success and the $3 billion in new funds made possible from our plan keeps them moving so Ohio’s economic recovery can keep moving.”
- Gov. John R. Kasich

 Regional Press Releases


 Fact Sheet


 Project Recommendations

By the Numbers
  • 41 – The number of projects throughout Ohio recommended for construction that could improve motorist safety, reduce congestion, add capacity and improve our economy
  • $2.9 billion – the total investment made in the state’s infrastructure using a combination of state, local and federal funds
  • A breakdown by region:
    • $1.2 billion – the amount of money spent on 17 projects in Northeast Ohio
    • $932 million – the amount of money spent on 9 projects in Central/Southeast Ohio
    • $494 million – the amount of money spent on 10 projects Northwest Ohio
    • $286 million – the amount of money spent on 5 projects in Southwest Ohio
  • 30,000 – the number of jobs created for every new $1 billion spent on transportation
  • $1.5 billion – the investment the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission is making in Ohio’s transportation system
  • 100 – the percentage of Turnpike funds spent Northern Ohio
  • 13 years or more – the reduction in future delays for most of the projects

see the Ohio Jobs & Transportation Plan Fact Sheet for more details


 What People are Saying...


"In today's global economy, efficient transportation systems are a pillar of economic growth. Ohio is no exception to this economic fact. Ohio's economy relies heavily on the dependability of our roadways and the efficiency of supply chains spanning from Ohio to the rest of the world. Fortunately, Governor Kasich's leadership has been creative and successful in ensuring that Ohio has the transportation network to meet its economic challenges. This is no time to change this successful course. We ask the Transportation and Review and Advisory Council to approve the governor's recommendations and help us move forward.

We applaud Gov. Kasich for adopting this project – which is critical to our region – and putting valuable economic resources behind his commitment.”

Mark Policinski, Executive Director & CEO, Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments

"Governor Kasich’s transportation plans place a high premium on the economic development aspects of our state’s road infrastructure. In central Ohio and across the State, these investments will help ensure that we maintain the incredible momentum of job creation and capital investment under the Governor’s watch. I’d urge the TRAC committee to move these plans forward to implementation."

Alex Fisher, President and CEO of the Columbus Partnership

"I just love it when a plan comes together. Like most states, Ohio’s budget for maintaining and improving its highway system has relied almost entirely on the gas taxes drivers pay.  For many reasons beyond the state’s control, this source of funding is increasingly unable to keep pace with ever-rising cost to meet a modern state’s transportation needs.  Governor Kasich’s Jobs and Transportation Plan is a balanced, forward-thinking strategy, allowing Ohio to address a serious and growing shortfall between our transportation needs and our ability to meet those needs with existing revenue streams. Today is a great day for us knowing that we will get a critical project done earlier than expected, and it will be an even better day if the Ohio Transportation and Review and Advisory Council approved the governor’s recommendation.”

Joe Roman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Greater Cleveland Partnership