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Application Description
Akron Main Street/Broadway Street Interchange - a $55 million joint request with the City of Akron to reconstruct this high-volume interchange and increase access to nearby businesses, improve safety and reduce congestion for local drivers.
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Cincinnati Streetcar - a $35 million request to assist with funding the City of Cincinnati’s historic streetcar project that would connect the city’s two largest employment centers with electric streetcars.
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City of Columbus Rail Station - a $20.2 million joint request with the City of Columbus to construct supporting infrastructure (pedestrian and bicycle facilities, parking facility, bus transit shelters, and lighting) for the city’s 3C “Quick Start” Passenger Rail station.
3815 KB
Electrifying Ohio's Transportation System - a $11.3 million request to develop an Ohio electrical vehicle infrastructure readiness plan with local governments, including deploying 136 plug-in electric vehicles and 864 charging stations.
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Future Phases of the Columbus I-70/I-71 Modernization - a $15 million request to assist with funding for the detailed design and construction plans for later phases of the reconstruction of the I-70/I-71 interchange through downtown Columbus.
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Leipsic/Putnam County Road Widening - an $11.3 million request to widen County Road 5 in Putnam County to provide better access to the Iron Highway Industrial Park, a 244-acre industrial site in Leipsic served by three rail providers.
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NASA Plum Brook Station Intermodal Facility - a $60 million request to construct a 9,000 foot-long runway to support new aerospace testing at the NASA facility and attract sustainable, high-tech jobs to Erie County.
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Ohio Energy and Transit Opportunity Districts - a $1.2 million joint request with the Ohio Department of Development to assist local communities in planning activities near the state’s eight proposed 3C “Quick Start” Passenger Rail Stations.
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South Point Intermodal River Port - a $16.2 million request to make improvements to the South Point intermodal facility along the Ohio River in Lawrence County, with dock improvements, new overhead bridge crane, supporting road infrastructure, and new railroad line connections.
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Springfield Downtown Intermodal Facility - a $16.4 million request to build an intermodal facility in downtown Springfield to serve local transit routes, bike trails, and regional rail service, including the city’s 3C “Quick Start” Passenger Rail station.
20986 KB
Springfield State Route 794 Relocation - a $3.8 million request to realign SR 794 to accommodate job growth at the Ohio Air National Guard Base, a major military unit and vital component of the area’s economy.
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Washington County Multi-Modal Freight Facility - a $12.5 million request to re-establish abandoned rail lines and connect this Ohio River port near Marietta to an active CSX freight rail line, thus eliminating the need to offload freight from barges to a truck for a one-mile trip to the rail line.
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