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 Strategic Initiatives Archive

A historical overview of ODOT Initiatives from 2001 through 2011


 2010-2011 ODOT Key Initiatives


 2008-2009 Strategic Initiatives


 Complete 2008-2009 Strategic Initiatives in PDF format (297 Kb)

Strategic Initiative One
Restore fiscal responsibility by adjusting ODOT’s finances to address continued construction cost inflation, flat state revenues, and past program decisions; and adopt improved procedures in the Major New Construction program to match realistic trends in revenue and construction costs

Strategic Initiative Two
Promote a comprehensive state and federal legislative agenda, emphasizing cooperation instead of competition, to advance Governor Strickland’s Turnaround Ohio transportation initiatives

Strategic Initiative Three
In addition to our priorities of safety and congestion-reduction, broaden the criteria for project selection, especially in the category of Major New Construction, to include economic development, cost/benefit analysis, and opportunities for multi-modal integration and urban revitalization

Strategic Initiative Four
Establish “Smart Growth” strategies to ensure ODOT projects take growth and local land use issues into account

Strategic Initiative Five
Implement and advance cost-effective strategies for pavement preservation

Strategic Initiative Six
Implement additional cost-effective strategies for traffic flow and traveler information 

Strategic Initiative Five
Embrace environmental stewardship by implementing internal strategies to promote clean air and energy independence

(originally published as part of ODOT's 2008-2009 Business Plan)


 2006-2007 Strategic Initiatives


 Complete 2006-2007 Strategic Initiatives in PDF format (297 Kb)

Strategic Initiative One
Deliver the Jobs and Progress Plan

Strategic Initiative Two
Refine, Re-focus and Respond To Ohio’s High-Crash Locations

Strategic Initiative Three
Complete the Highway Technician Comprehensive Training Program

Strategic Initiative Four
Continuously Improve County Operations By Using Business Tools

Strategic Initiative Five
Continuously Improve the Pavement Management Process


(originally published as part of ODOT's 2006-2007 Business Plan)


 2004-2005 Strategic Initiatives


 Complete 2004-2005 Strategic Initiatives in PDF format (142 Kb)

Initiative One
Deliver the Jobs and Progress Plan

Initiative Two
Complete the Safety and Congestion Plan

Initiative Three
Sustain a Steady State of Acceptable Conditions

Initiative Four
Adopt A Comprehensive Pavement Management Process

Initiative Five
Implement a Comprehensive Training Program For Construction and Highway Management


(originally published as part of ODOT's 2004-2005 Business Plan)


 2003 Strategic Initiatives


 Complete ODOT 2003 Strategic Initiatives in PDF format (689 Kb)

Strategic Initiative One
Implementation of a modern, customer-friendly project management system and the associated business rules

Strategic Initiative Two
Implement strategies to maximize traffic flow on the state highway system

Strategic Initiative Three
Develop a sound, effective crash reporting and analysis system for safety

Strategic Initiative Four
Update Access Ohio

Strategic Initiative Five
ODOT will enhance its partnership with local governments to improve Ohio’s transportation system

Strategic Initiative Six
ODOT will improve the quality of its construction plans

Strategic Initiative Seven
Re-defining county priorities

Strategic Initiative Eight
Continue to improve snow and ice control 

Strategic Initiative Nine
Build bridges faster, smarter, better

Strategic Initiative Ten
Improve construction administration

Strategic Initiative Eleven
Develop a strategy to better communicate and implement “ODOT Way” to all levels of the organization

Strategic Initiative Twelve
Customer focus

Strategic Initiative Thirteen
Improve ODOT’s accounting information system for more effective decision making



 2002 Strategic Initiatives


 Complete ODOT 2002 Strategic Initiatives in PDF format (232 Kb)

Initiative One
Update ACCESS Ohio

Initiative Two
Develop Strategies to Measure and Manage Congestion

Initiative Three
ODOT Will Develop a Modern, Customer-Friendly Project Management System

Initiative Four
Re-Defining County Priorities

Initiative Five
Build Bridges Faster, Smarter, Better

Initiative Six
ODOT Will Improve the Quality of Its Construction Plans

Initiative Seven
ODOT Will Modernize Its Construction Administration Practices

Initiative Eight
Dramatically Change the Way ODOT Currently Tests and Accepts Materials

Initiative Nine
Develop Innovative Contracting Methods

Initiative Ten
Expand Partnering

Initiative Eleven
ODOT Will Continue to Emphasize Its Snow and Ice Initiative



 2001 Strategic Initiatives


 Complete ODOT 2001 Strategic Initiatives in PDF format (36 Kb)

Initiative One:
ODOT will adopt clear goals to improve conditions on its freeway network.

Initiative Two:
ODOT will develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for measuring and managing congestion in Ohio.

Initiative Three:
ODOT will adopt a "sufficiency rating" system to measure roadway trends in Ohio.

Initiative Four:
ODOT will enhance its snow and ice operations with state-of-the-art technology and practices.

Initiative Five:
ODOT will renew its commitment to Quality Principles.

Initiative Six:  
ODOT will adopt a comprehensive statewide communication strategy.

Initiative Seven:
ODOT will embrace partnering with contractors to improve quality and to reduce disputes.

Initiative Eight:
ODOT will complete the integration of the annual work plan into its processes.

Initiative Nine:
ODOT will adopt the Design-Build process as an additional project delivery method.

Initiative Ten:
ODOT will develop a modern, customer-friendly project management system.

  originally part of ODOT's State of the Transportation System 2000