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ODOT Strategic Plan

The Ohio Department of Transportation has a large and very significant responsibility. We are charged with protecting the enormous investment the people of Ohio have made in their transportation system through the decades. We are also charged with improving and enhancing that system.

ODOT's Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles are the foundation of the department’s Strategic Plan to achieve 'Excellence in Government', and our Critical Success Factors (CSF) provide us with definitive and quantitative answers to the question, “How are we doing?”

Having understandable, repeatable and periodic reporting on the CSF metrics allows us to identify areas of needed improvement and areas of excellence. It also provides the tools we use to set goals, adjust priorities, establish best practices, develop policy and celebrate outstanding achievements.

Please review the material below for more details on how we gauge the state of our transportation system, the quality of our organization and how we're performing towards our goals over time.


 Current CSF Reports


 Archival Strategic Plan Resources

ODOT Mission and Vision Poster.pdfODOT Mission and Vision Poster816 KB 4/16/2012
ODOT Guiding Principles Poster.pdfODOT Guiding Principles Poster1248 KB 4/16/2012
2012 Introduction to the Ohio Department of Transportation Booklet.pdf2012 Introduction to the Ohio Department of Transportation Booklet3617 KB 6/5/2012
ODOT Progress Report - Fall 2013.pdfODOT Progress Report - Fall 20134280 KB 10/22/2013
Critical Success Factors Defined - Metric Appendix.pdfCritical Success Factors Defined - Metric Appendix303 KB 10/22/2013
Critical Success Factors Update - January 2014.pdfCritical Success Factors Update - January 2014879 KB 2/4/2014
Critical Success Factors Update - April 2014.pdfCritical Success Factors Update - April 20141711 KB 4/28/2014
Critical Success Factors Update - FY15 4th Quarter - Summary Report.pdfCritical Success Factors Update - FY15 4th Quarter - Summary Report2239 KB 12/31/2015
FY 16 Q1 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 16 Q1 CSF Dashboard678 KB 12/31/2015
FY 16 Q1 CSF Presentation.pdfFY 16 Q1 CSF Presentation7791 KB 12/31/2015
FY 16 Q2 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 16 Q2 CSF Dashboard667 KB 2/24/2016
FY 16 Q2 CSF Presentation.pdfFY 16 Q2 CSF Presentation7155 KB 2/24/2016
FY 16 Q2 - CSF Dashboard - Transcript Insert.pdfFY 16 Q2 - CSF Dashboard - Transcript Insert1566 KB 3/22/2016
FY 16 Q3 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 16 Q3 CSF Dashboard660 KB 6/7/2016
FY 16 Q3 CSF Presentation.pdfFY 16 Q3 CSF Presentation6823 KB 6/7/2016
FY16 Q3 - CSF Dashboard - Transcript Insert.pdfFY16 Q3 - CSF Dashboard - Transcript Insert422 KB 8/23/2016
FY 16 Q4 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 16 Q4 CSF Dashboard651 KB 8/23/2016
FY 16 Q4 CSF Presentation.pdfFY 16 Q4 CSF Presentation4476 KB 8/23/2016
5 Year CSF Presentation 2012 - 2016.pdf5 Year CSF Presentation 2012 - 20163580 KB 8/23/2016
FY 17 Q1 CSF Presentation.pdfFY 17 Q1 CSF Presentation8182 KB 11/23/2016
FY 17 Q1 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 17 Q1 CSF Dashboard674 KB 11/23/2016
FY16 Q4 - CSF Dashboard - Transcript Insert.pdfFY16 Q4 - CSF Dashboard - Transcript Insert365 KB 12/20/2016
Transcript Insert 3-17 - CSF Spotlight - People - Work Life Index.pdfTranscript Insert 3-17 - CSF Spotlight - People - Work Life Index2030 KB 3/29/2017
FY 17 Q2 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 17 Q2 CSF Dashboard642 KB 6/23/2017
SFY 17 Q2 CSF Presentation.pdfSFY 17 Q2 CSF Presentation6904 KB 6/23/2017
FY 17 Q3 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 17 Q3 CSF Dashboard696 KB 6/23/2017
FY 2017 Q3 CSF Presentation.pdfFY 2017 Q3 CSF Presentation6899 KB 6/23/2017
FY 2017 Q4 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 2017 Q4 CSF Dashboard280 KB 8/16/2017
FY 2017 Q4 CSF Presentation.pdfFY 2017 Q4 CSF Presentation39391 KB 8/16/2017
FY 2018 Q1 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 2018 Q1 CSF Dashboard959 KB 11/14/2017
FY 2018 Q2 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 2018 Q2 CSF Dashboard906 KB 2/14/2018
FY 2018 Q2 CSF Presentation.pdfFY 2018 Q2 CSF Presentation36412 KB 2/14/2018
FY 18 Q3 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 18 Q3 CSF Dashboard694 KB 5/7/2018
FY 2018 Q3 Presentation.pdfFY 2018 Q3 Presentation12377 KB 5/7/2018
FY 2018 Q4 Presentation.pdfFY 2018 Q4 Presentation12738 KB 8/10/2018
FY 2018 Q4 CSF Dashboard.pdfFY 2018 Q4 CSF Dashboard664 KB 8/10/2018