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ODOT Strategic Plan

Results over resources equals return on investment.” This is the fundamental equation driving the Ohio Department of Transportation, with money, safety and time serving as the main currencies or factors involved. These critical currencies shape our success as we strive to increase our results over resources to realize the best possible return on investment. Our objective is to establish an optimum level of operation that will allow us to achieve maximum performance and productivity. Through operational savings, we are able to direct more revenue to needed construction projects, safety and maintenance efforts, and project development.
ODOT's Results over Resources Progress Report highlights our performance/ production metrics in scoreboard fashion. It also describes several initiatives that have helped us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our organization – doing things right and doing the right things. Our progress report displays the Critical Success Factors’ (CSF) metrics and outlines why they were chosen and how ODOT is meeting, or working to meet, them. Our intention is to focus on and measure our core, tangible results and to set goals based on these retail-level outcome metrics. See the Critical Success Factors Defined: Metric Appendix for more details.
If we measure the right things in the right way, and if we set challenging goals and achieve them, we will continuously improve our results-over-resources ratio. Ultimately, we will also be providing excellent return on investment to the people of Ohio.


ODOT Mission and Vision Poster.pdfODOT Mission and Vision Poster756 KB
ODOT Guiding Principles Poster.pdfODOT Guiding Principles Poster1188 KB
2012 Introduction to the Ohio Department of Transportation Booklet.pdf2012 Introduction to the Ohio Department of Transportation Booklet3617 KB
ODOT Progress Report - Fall 2013.pdfODOT Progress Report - Fall 20134280 KB
Critical Success Factors Defined - Metric Appendix.pdfCritical Success Factors Defined - Metric Appendix3072 KB
Critical Success Factors Update - January 2014.pdfCritical Success Factors Update - January 2014879 KB
Critical Success Factors Update - April 2014.pdfCritical Success Factors Update - April 20141711 KB