COLUMBUS, Ohio (August 6, 2009)The Ohio Department of Transportation’s $24 million investment that began June 20 to improve several bridges, ramps, and the roadway surface along State Route 315 is on schedule. ODOT says drivers are following the game plan and seeking alternate routes while SR 315 is under construction from I-670 to Ackerman Road.

ODOT Vehicle Detection Stations show a decrease in the number of vehicles using State Route 315 after construction began. On June 4, data collected at approximately 7 a.m. on SR 315 south near Henderson Road, showed approximately 3,600 vehicles per hour. On June 25, just days after the project started the number of vehicles at this same location dropped by more than 1,100 to 2,442 vehicles per hour.

ODOT Vehicle Detection Stations on Interstate 71 south near 11th Avenue did show an initial increase after the SR 315 project began. On June 3, roughly 900 vehicles every 15 minutes were counted on I-71. That number increased to 1,000 vehicles every 15 minutes at the same location on June 24,   but on July 8 and 24, the number of vehicles decreased to pre-SR 315 construction levels. 

A significant development in the SR 315 project occurred during the early morning hours of August 1, when crews poured the new Ackerman Road Bridge deck. ODOT says close to two million pounds of concrete was needed for the new bridge surface. It took 50 trucks to transport all that cement, and crews completed the new deck in six hours.

You can see firsthand crews working just 18 inches from traffic as the new bridge deck is installed. Video of the deck pour is available at

Approximately 60 union members have been working eight to twelve hour shifts, six days a week on SR 315 north.  In the last six weeks, law enforcement told ODOT, there have been very few problems as both directions of traffic use SR 315 south to travel.

Since the project is on schedule, the completion date for the first phase of the project remains October of this year. Next year, both directions of traffic will use SR 315 north as crews make improvements to SR 315 south.